Pomme – Göttingen (Live)

Pomme “Göttingen”

What is it?

A live cover of the Barbara song Göttingen by Pomme.

Pomme – Göttingen (Barbara) – Symphonissime 2021 (live symphonique)

Here are the descriptions for the videos above:

Pomme “Göttingen” (Barbara Cover)

Pomme interprète “Göttingen” de Barbara le 13 mars 2021 dans l’émission “Symphonissime” en live accompagné d’un orchestre symphonique dirigé par Yvan Cassar. Paroles (Lyrics) sous-titrées en français, espagnol (Español) et anglais (english).

My Thoughts

This video was on the YouTube home page, it caught my attention, so I watched it having no idea who this musician was & I had never heard of this song before.

It was a pleasant surprise, it is a beautiful song sung in a beautiful French style.

The end,

  • John Jr

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