Fallout 4 & The Real World

Fallout 4 – Settlement Essential Guide & Basics

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was clearly inspired by me playing a little bit of the video game Fallout 4 again & watching Fallout 4 videos on YouTube recently.

Fallout 4 – Launch Trailer

This dream combined the video game Fallout 4 & the real world / live action, in the dream I was working on my Fallout 4 settlements, my female coworker KE was there as well, and we talked & even had a debate during the dream; and the dream basically combined what looked like the real world combined with the video game Fallout 4 where both worlds were one.

At some point I eventually agreed with KE during our debate, she was right / she won, and I or we continued working the settlement or settlements.

I especially remember working on improving the defense(s) for my settlement(s) with my usual focus on turrets, at least 1 artillery piece, at least 3 guard posts / towers, at least one guard, maybe walls, and making sure that all of my settlers have proper armor & weapons & ammunition.

I assume that I was the general of The Commonwealth Minutemen or at least a member of it in the dream, I could be wrong, either way I was spending more time building / helping / managing / defending the Minutemen settlements like I normally do when playing the game.

Why the Minutemen are the Commonwealth’s Best Hope – Fallout 4 Lore

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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