A Jason Momoa-Like Cousin? | Defending A Small Country & Isabelle?

Dream 1

This dream seemed to start in a somewhat fictional version of the city of D, I remember going to a fictional gas station that is where the bank in the parking lot of the shopping center near the Eastside Dollar General should be, I was there with a male cousin who was possibly my male cousin DE at first & one other man who was possibly my fictional Jason Momoa-like cousin or DE eventually became him without me noticing the change in the dream.

I remember us getting gas for maybe an extended cab truck, then my Jason Momoa-like cousin was driving when we left, but he flipped the truck while we were driving near where M Tire should be; but fortunately we landed on our tires without damaging anything.

We got out the truck to recover & talk about the situation, I lectured my cousin on his reckless driving, and then the next thing that I remember is that my Jason Momoa-like cousin & I traveled to maybe Texas to a one-story house where my male cousin EE & who I assumed to be my aunt DE lived.

We were going to spend the night & maybe several days or more there, I remember us talking as EE laid down, my cousin was on the couch, I was standing up or sitting in a chair, and a woman who I assumed to be my aunt DE (I never got to see her face) was doing something in the kitchen.

During our conversation my cousin’s appearance changed again without me noticing, now he looked like a thin man with dark-color skin who had lived a hard life, on the TV a female journalist started talking about a court case involving my cousin, they mentioned him possibly having mental health issues, and they mentioned that EE & maybe more of our family had mental health issues.

EE did not like the suggestion that he possibly had mental health issues, our cousin started to tell us that he had thought that court case was over, he possibly said that he was innocent, and I remember thinking about if there was any way that we could help him get this court case resolved; and I also thought about the possibility of more of my family having mental health issues.

Our cousin had some mail that belonged to my former male schoolmate & former neighbor R (whose nickname was Booger), EE asked him what he was doing with mail from Booger, our cousin replied that Booger & him were friends & that Booger had his mail set to be sent to him sometimes when he would not be able to check his own mail, EE seemed to not like Booger at all, and so EE told our cousin: “Not in this house.” letting him know that he would not allow Booger’s mail to be coming to his house while we are staying there.

Then there was something that I saw in my mind and / or on the TV where a woman or female entity or someone presented several life paths for me to choose from, I can not remember what these life paths were or how many there were, I think that there were 4 – 7 life paths that I could choose from, I got to see a brief description of each one with them being separated with lines like states on a map or something.

Only I could decide which life path to choose & no one could predict the exact results of either life path if I chose it, so I stopped to think about them & examine them, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during maybe the evening & I was in a large fenced in yard with one building / house, this was actually a very small country somehow, and it looked like my parent’s yard was inspiration for the design of this yard / country.

I had just arrived in this country for probably the first time for a visit or something, suddenly vehicles drove up outside & inside the fence, and young adults with guns including those that looked like assault rifles drove up to attack the country; but there was no police or military to protect it that I could see, and so I fought the young adults.

Luckily for me their guns were not real, they were airsoft guns, I defeated them, I then lectured them about attacking this country, and then I let them go since no police or military had responded yet.

I then went inside the only building / house in this country, it was a multi-purpose building that was like a house / hotel / library / et cetera, and there were other people there.

At some point a very thin old woman with dark-medium color skin or light-dark color skin who looked like (same hairstyle & hair color) & sounded like (a nice upper class British accent of some kind) the character Isabelle from the TV show Resident Alien (Season 1) if she was old with darker-color skin who could barely walk because of old age I assumed asked me to help her with a computer problem or something.

Resident Alien S01 E05 Clip | ‘D’arcy And Isabelle Enjoy A Happy Hour’ | Rotten Tomatoes TV

I then walked her to an area with two bed-like things to sit or lay on, she struggled just to get on the bed & lay down, she explained her computer problem or whatever, and I started helping her like I was at my IT Assistant job at The BP Library or something (I was not).

Even though she was very old she also looked somewhat younger / youthful (like Isabelle’s age) at the same time & her voice did not sound old at all, it was weird, her skin was shiny like she had oiled her skin, and her skin was tight like when someone does not drink enough water & has very little body fat & possibly has toned muscles & when you get older.

As we talked as I helped her, she increasingly started to look at me like she was interested in me, I noticed her eyeing me & smiling seductively, and she possibly started to get more flirty in her tone which was more effective with her nice accent & voice.

I finished helping her with her computer problem or whatever & then we continued talking on the bed with her getting increasingly closer to me slowly since in was difficult for her to move around, with her still becoming more & more seductive, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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