Returning To College & GC & MA Are My Roommates

I can only remember the end of this dream which involved me returning to college to hopefully finish after all these years, the college seemed to be connected with a school, and at some point my male cousin DE & my brother GC & I were outside; and we walked to the edge of a stadium where maybe some high school students (maybe athletes & cheerleaders mostly) were practicing or something in the field.

We only stopped briefly before DE went his separate way & my brother GC & I went to our dorm room to change clothes so that we could go to our college classes.

Our dorm room was on an upper floor, as we were arriving so was our female coworker MA & a female friend of hers with light-color skin, MA was our roommate or one of our roommates, I greeted them, and then my brother GC & I started changing clothes while MA & her friend talked from the other side of the room.

This main room was one open room without privacy, it did not bother me though, I changed everything but my underwear & socks, and I woke up before we could leave for our classes.

The end,

-John Jr

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