JB’s Allergic Reaction

I had more dreams that I remembered each time that I woke up, they were short, simple dreams that I did not care about.

So I did not record them & I forgot them, but I do remember my last dream.

My last dream involved me arriving at work at The BP Library during the morning, I assume.

When I went to the IT Department where I work, my female coworkers JB & MA were standing & talking with my supervisor Ms. JR.

So I asked them if they wanted me to leave or not because I was not sure if they were having a private meeting / conversation or not.

They told me that I could come in & MA told JB to show me something & tell me what happened.

JB responded to MA like whatever it was, was not a big deal, then I asked JB what happened, and then JB showed me one of her hands that was very swollen.

I asked JB if she wanted me to put some ice in a bag & bring it to her for her hand.

I asked JB if she was okay & I asked what happened, and she told me that she did not think that getting ice was necessary.

She told me that she had an allergic reaction to some shrimp that she ate, I assume.

I then asked JB if she was sure that she did not want me to get some ice for her hand.

This time she said that she was not telling me not to get some ice & that she was not telling me to get ice, that basically it was up to me.

JB actually did not look like herself in this dream, she looked a bit different, her hair was more blonde, she had fake dark eyebrows drawn on in a normal curved shape above her real eyebrows.

So she had two pairs of eyebrows, oddly.

Her real eyebrows, that were below the fake ones, were shaved to be a straight line & shorter & colored / highlighted with a blonde marker / highlighter to make them somewhat blonde.

Even though you could still see her natural more brown eyebrow color under the yellow marker / highlighter / whatever.

I asked JB if she had put anything on her hand to stop the swelling, and she said that she put some alcohol & some Event Cream on it.

I mentioned that I had never heard of Event Cream before, and I was not sure if that was a brand or a type of cream / ointment.

Before I could ask, JB started saying how weak she thought that her body was for reacting like this to something as simple as some shrimp.

I was still processing everything, trying to make sense of this.

I was trying to figure out how could I help while listening before I would go get some ice for her hand, if I figured out if that was a good idea or not first.

But I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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