Korey Coleman’s Book & Homelander | Lee’s & A Shark

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that a man told me that Korey Coleman from Double Toasted was coming out with a book, and the next thing that I remember is some superheroes going to raid a building; but they accidentally killed some random people who were in the back of an automobile outside.

The next thing that I remember is the character Homelander from the TV show The Boys, who had gone rogue in this dream & was no longer helping people as a superhero & was mostly keeping to himself it seemed, entering a bar / restaurant of people in a downtown area of a city with somewhat tall buildings looking / acting a bit sloppy & like he did not care about much anymore.

Homelander Meets A Potential New Recruit for The Seven | The Boys | Prime Video

Homelander walked up to the bar & started drinking directly from the tap, a male customer insulted him for doing this, which angered Homelander, and so Homelander punched the man’s jaw off with one simple punch.

Immediately after punching the man’s jaw off, Homelander started getting shocked by an implant inside his body (maybe at the back of his neck / spine) that had been put there to try to keep him under control by probably the Vought International company, the shock did not hurt him much, and then he left & probably flew away; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that some of my brothers were with me during a gray day as I drove us to a fictional nearby town or a fictional version of the outskirts of the city of D, this was basically a small drive-through / drive-by town, and this area was familiar to me in the dream.

We took a fictional back route passing by B’s Park, on the road before it connected to the highway that passed through the town we saw a man with dark-color skin who often walks through our neighborhood, and when we reached the highway & the area / town we saw another man with dark-color skin who also often walks through our neighborhood.

The second man recommended that we get some food at a Fried Chicken restaurant in the town / area called Lee’s, so I parked near some businesses to walk to it, something weird happened where it seemed to have moved further down on the left so we walked down there.

Things got even more weird when we still had trouble finding it, eventually we split up to find it, then I reached a weird area that was possibly underground where some people were waiting to start a water event or something, and then a giant shark attacked.

I can not remember if one person died or not, I just remember us working together to escape back up to the surface, most of us made it out safely.

I found Lee’s finally or maybe where it used to be, it was a bit dark & creepy inside with no one inside it seemed, something did not feel right about this place.

I remember seeing a sign and / or Lee himself before we entered, him or his mascot was a man with light-color skin with a old style European long curved mustache with a vertical white & red striped suit & top, and it felt like he was possibly some kind of entity or SCP like Dr. Wondertainment.

SCP – Dr. Wondertainment (SCP Animation)

I quickly left, across the field I saw another event taking place so I walked over there, I remember one stand selling fireworks, and then I saw my brothers fishing in a small pond.

I walked over to my brothers & we saw a nearby restaurant, we decided to start walking toward it, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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