TR & Tom Cruise & Milla Jovovich? | TR | World War II Time Lapse Interviews & Videos

Dream 1

I am not sure if this was from a previous dream or a forgotten part of this dream, I just remember that my female coworker TR was there, the next thing that I remember is being at a slightly fictional version of my parents house which had an attic that you could walk in unlike our attic in real life, and we had two separate visitors arrive with Tom Cruise being one visitor & a Milla Jovovich-like woman with curly blonde hair or it was Milla Jovovich who was the second visitor.

Most of my family & I were there & these two separate visitors were a surprise to us, it did not seem that we knew them as friends or anything like that, so I am not sure why they were visiting us, they did not arrive together or seem to know each other & I do not remember them even getting to see each other during the dream, they both were in different parts of the house, and I was with the Milla Jovovich-like woman or Ms. Jovovich if that was her most of the time.

Milla & I were watching a movie or something in one room, Mr. Cruise was mostly alone in another part of the house, I had assumed that the rest of my family were with Mr. Cruise, but when I went to check on Mr. Cruise he was complaining a bit because he felt mostly abandoned because it did not seem that the rest of my family were with him so far.

I apologized to Mr. Cruise, I let him know that I would return to show him around & talk with him et cetera, but first I needed to let our other guest know; and I walked to let Milla know.

In this dream Milla was single, I wanted to continue watching the movie with her, but I did not want our other guest to feel abandoned; and so I let her know that I would return after spending some time with Mr. Cruise first.

I am not sure why I did not invite Mr. Cruise to join us in watching the movie, anyway, when I returned Mr. Cruise had walked into the attic & so I walked up there too.

Mr. Cruise had found a spikey growth on the ceiling / roof that he said was a special kind of mold, he said the name of it but I was not familiar with that name & I can not remember what it was, I thanked him for finding it & I let him know that we would get it cleaned out, and then he started talking about baseball.

Mr. Cruise seemed to be a fan of baseball, I started to tell him about my little league baseball days, but I woke up during our good baseball conversation.

Dream 2

This dream is confusing because I seemed to be in a gym-like building (similar to the gym at The D Junior High School) that had dirt & mud in one part of it & I was working there for The BP Library along with my female coworker TR, I am not sure if we were working a library booth or if part of this building was the library or what was going on exactly, and there were other people there who I guess were patrons et cetera.

While I was talking with TR we were approached by a somewhat short male patron with light-color skin with maybe a military jungle camouflage baseball hat wearing eyeglasses, he stared at TR while mumbling something that sounded inappropriate, I was not sure if I was correct about what he said, but it seemed like he possibly called TR: “a hot c#####r.” and maybe he said: “have sex with me.” or something inappropriate & offensive like that.

I was not sure if that was what he said or not, he had mumbled it, I paused for a moment trying to process what I possibly heard before saying anything to him, he was still staring at TR, and then he walked away before we could respond to him.

I turned to TR to ask her if she had heard what I thought that he had said, she was still staring at him as he walked away, she did not look happy at all, she confirmed that he had said something inappropriate, I responded & I apologized for taking too long to respond to him as I was trying to figure out if I had heard him correctly, she said that it was okay & that it was better that we did not get a chance to respond in time because she had felt like punching him or worse & would have said something not nice in response to him that would have likely led to a confrontation that could have become violent.

I asked TR if she wanted me to go find him, she told me no, while we were still talking & while she was looking at the crowd , I was sitting in the dirt & mud area & I realized that magically my clothes were off on the ground under me oddly, this made no sense because my clothes were on a second ago, and so I started trying to get dressed quietly without her or anyone noticing.

While I was doing this I started hearing audio of The Young Turks (TYT) talking about some of the bad economic situations et cetera for many American citizens & some other negative American news, someone was playing this out loud I assume.

Uploads from The Young Turks

TR turned to me as I was trying to put my underwear back on, I was still sitting down so she probably did not see much, she looked away to give me some privacy, and I continued to get dressed as we continued talking; and fortunately the other people walking around did not seem to notice yet but then I woke up.

Dream 3

My memory of the beginning of this dream is unclear, I possibly was inside a house or building in a countryside-like area during a gray day with my brother GC & maybe one or more family members, and I remember us watching what looked like a World War II documentary about some American soldiers from WWII who were probably in The United States Army back then.

The documentary started with interviews with some of the soldiers, all of them were very young men with light-color skin, most of the interviews were from back then before they got shipped off to the war, I can not remember the details of their interviews other than one of them talking about how his father yelled something like: “boy! boy! you are going to go fight in that war!” so that is why he joined the military & another soldier joined because he had just graduated from high school or was almost done with high school & he wanted to serve his country.

It was clear that all of these young men had not even gotten to experience life as adults yet really & were getting shipped out to fight in a war, they seemed positive though & ready to serve their country, which made it even harder to see what happened to them.

After their interviews short time lapsed video clips were shown of most of the soldiers they had interviewed before they left for the war, somehow they had video of them parachuting down to the war zone & video of when they landed, it seemed that they landed somewhere in Europe, and things got real & raw & brutal & sad et cetera.

The soldier whose dad had told him to join the war landed face down in an alley-like area between some multi-story buildings in a city, as he was lifting his head up an enemy male soldier with light-color skin hit him in the back of his head with a makeshift melee weapon like a flashlight or digging tool or something, the soldier was confused & tried to raise his head again, but then a second male enemy soldier with light-color skin hit him with a makeshift melee weapon.

A third male enemy soldier with light-color skin then hit him with a makeshift melee weapon, then the three of them & maybe a fourth enemy soldier beat him to death with their makeshift melee weapons, he was face down the entire time unable to even see his attackers, they then took some of his gear, they buried him quickly in a shallow grave, and then they ran off to continue fighting more American soldiers.

The American soldier who either had just graduated from high school or was almost done with high school landed better than the first soldier, but when he stood up he got shot in the head by a sniper & he died immediately.

Another American soldier landed, started running toward an alley for cover, but got shot with a machine gun or something in the back killing him.

Another American soldier landed but he was killed by civilians & maybe a few enemy soldiers with makeshift melee weapons, they beat him to death, it was pretty brutal.

Several more time lapsed videos were shown of the deaths of the other American soldiers who had been interviewed before the war, and all of these videos were in black & white and looked like you would expect real video footage from that time to look.

I felt bad for those young men, they died so young & like that, all their hopes & dreams & goals destroyed like that, they went to war expecting it to be like in the movies, but were killed immediately.

After the videos it either ended or I took a break, I walked outside impacted by what I had seen & heard, but I woke up as I thought about what I had seen / heard while feeling various emotions like sadness et cetera.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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