Avoiding A Crazed Murderer

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was possibly at a college, at some point I was walking through a building where maybe a trial involving a crazy serial killer / spree killer / mass murderer case involving a man or young man with light-color skin was taking place, so I guess it was a courtroom at a college, which makes no sense, and as I walked through the building I guess the crazed murderer on trial somehow got a gun & a knife & he was holding someone hostage.

I walked out of the room as I heard him start attacking everyone, there was chaos & some people ran in my direction, and we ran to escape the building.

I remember reaching an area that was possibly semi-indoor at first & then it was outdoors, there were small shotgun style buildings on both sides with a small fence behind the buildings on the right side, and behind that was land that was raised higher than the rest.

Some of the fleeing people & I probably tried to hide in some of the buildings, the murderer came to this area & he started killing people with a knife & maybe a pistol, and so I sneaked out the back of one of the buildings & I climbed the fence.

The murderer was crazed & enjoying himself, he seemed to especially enjoy killing people with a knife, and he enjoyed terrorizing people it seemed.

I had to lay on the ground to hide because he walked to the back like he heard me, I laid there quietly & he stood there quietly smiling creepily like he knew that I was hiding somewhere, then he walked back to the front, I saw that ahead of me was another fence with swimming pool below next to a small dock & a lake, and so I ran to jump the fence down to the swimming pool below.

The murderer ran back to chase me while smiling & laughing crazily with excitement as I was running toward the fence, when I jumped something weird happened that I can not remember, whatever happened caused me to start flying, not very good, but I was able to fly over the swimming pool & over the lake toward my parents house.

I did not want to lead the murderer there, in case he tried to follow me, which was not likely, and so I probably flew a different route to reach there.

Something weird happened where I could not fly higher than a ceiling because there was somehow a literal ceiling of some kind outside even as I flew over my parents yard, I can not remember the details, I just remember struggling because it would not let me fly higher, and so I probably landed in my parents yard eventually; and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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