School Again | A Double Toasted Building Accident

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in public school again, maybe high school, except that it was a fictional-looking school that had many of my former classmates / schoolmates there, I guess it was a fictional version of The D High School or maybe it was a fictional school.

I remember entering the building from the outside with a group of fellow classmates from a small playground-like area on the left side of the building, I assume that it was lunch time, this area seemed to be based on a real world elementary or preschool or Head Start playground from my childhood, while this area was too small, the inside of the building was surprisingly large & modern.

I remember walking to the cafeteria which was a large open area with tables & chairs scattered around with main walking areas crossing it, so basically students were walking through & by the cafeteria because parts of it were along the sides of large open semi-hallways / lobby-like areas, while other students were eating / drinking in the cafeteria.

I think that I was going to get some food / drink at the cafeteria, I remember seeing my former male classmate DA, I greeted him but I mistakenly called him GS, who was another former male classmate of ours, and I did not realize my mistake until I had walked away to find a table and / or until I woke up.

But then I woke up shortly after this.

Dream 2

This dream involved me visiting a house where some of the Double Toasted members were like Korey Coleman, Martin Thomas, et cetera; and I think that this property was owned by Korey Coleman, and there were other people there as well inside & outside.

Uploads from Double Toasted

I can not remember most of the dream, so I am not sure what we were doing, maybe there was a small party or something, but I do remember being outside at some point.

There was a small building on bricks or cinder blocks next to the house, I noticed that on one of the front ends the building was not touching the bricks or cinder blocks that were meant to help keep the building raised, and so I adjusted the bricks or cinder blocks so that they actually touched the bottom of the building properly.

I then walked back into the house, Korey & Martin & several other people were inside the house, several others were outside, I went to start talking with them, but somehow the building whose bricks or cinder blocks I had just adjusted fell backward to my surprise / shock / horror.

We walked outside, at least one person was inside the building when it fell or flipped backward, fortunately they were okay, and fortunately the building did not seem to be damaged that bad.

Martin walked inside the house to call someone about this, Korey was not happy as he walked back inside, and I walked inside to tell Korey that the building had possibly flipped because of me.

I told him what happened, it did not make sense to me that me properly adjusting the bricks or cinder blocks had caused this, but that was a possibility.

I apologized of course, I was not sure how much damage was caused or if I would have to pay anything or not if it turned out that I was the cause, Korey seemed very angry, he probably paused to calm himself, I was so bothered by the situation, which felt real, that I accidentally woke myself because of the strong emotions.

The end,

-John Jr

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