Bloods (Season 1)

Bloods | First Look Trailer | Sky One

What is it?

The 2021 British paramedic comedy TV show Bloods (Season 1).

BLOODS Official Trailer (2021)

This is how The IMDb describes this TV show:

When tough-acting loner Maleek (Kayo) is paired with over-friendly divorcee Wendy, their partnership looks dead on arrival. But pretty soon they’re giving each other life support.

Bloods Sky Original Comedy Series Review

My Thoughts

I saw the thumbnail for this TV show on an online video streaming website, it caught my attention, so I read the description of this TV show, and that seemed interesting so I decided to watch an episode.

Even though I was tired & I had a variety of things I was trying to do, I ended up watching three episodes, which is half of the season, and the next day I finished the rest of the season which was also three episodes.

This show is not laugh out loud funny or anything like that, the comedy is a bit dark & dry & somehow positive, it is more likely to make you smile sometimes instead of laugh, but somehow that still worked for me even though I was not really laughing.

This show was a short & very easy positive watch, in fact it was too short, only six episodes, and I wanted to see more.

I actually saw a bit of myself in most of the main characters of this show, most of the main characters were like more comedic & exaggerated parts of my own personality / myself et cetera, and so that was interesting seeing parts of myself in so many different characters.

I can not remember any other show or movie et cetera having this many characters that each reminded me of parts of myself, and me noticing this before having the time to really think about it or talk about the show with anyone.

One character was like an even more annoying & talkative version of how I can be sometimes, another character was like an even more positive wanting to help people version of how I can be sometimes, another character was really interested in another character & could not reveal to them that they liked them / was in love with them & had no luck in that area which I know all too well, another character could be friendly & helpful but was very stagnate / stuck where they were in life which I also know all too well, another character had something from the past that still greatly impacts them many years later & causes social issues for them which I know how that feels, two other characters were overly friendly & soft & goofy & non-threatening like I can seem / be sometimes, and another character had issues with not living up to the expectations / standards that they had of themselves & in comparison to their sibling which I can relate to as the oldest of my siblings.

This show was definitely a surprise, and I hope that it will get a season 2.

I recommend watching it, especially because it is so short with only six twenty-something minute episodes, and is a very easy watch.

This was the easiest watch of the year for me so far, I would give it a 4 out of 5, if it would have actually made me laugh I possibly would have given it a 5 out of 5.

The end,

-John Jr

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