Resident Evil | A Visionary | JB

Dream 1

In this dream I was playing a Resident Evil-like video game where I was setting up traps & obstacles to slow down enemies in each level.

Dream 2

In this dream I was on vacation with my family at a hotel.

My brothers were kids again, and one of them found a TV movie that was playing on a TV in an indoor / maybe outdoor lounge / courtyard area at the hotel.

We were all in this area as they played, my dad was with my brother who found the movie playing, and we started watching the movie.

The movie was about a young man with light-color skin who seemed to sometimes see things that other people could not.

It was almost like him dreaming while awake or having visions or having hallucinations or having very vivid thoughts / daydreams.

At the end of the movie he was told by a man that there have been other people throughout history with this ability as well.

The man called them visionaries who were ahead of their time.

Dream 3

I had several dreams, and in two of them there was a moment when I saw my female coworker JB walking to an area not looking around & looking like she did not want to be bothered.

In both dreams there were other people around both areas, and in both dreams I walked over to say something to JB.

In neither dream did JB seem to see me or notice me, she did not look around at anyone in either dream, and in both dreams I stood at a distance waiting for a chance to say something to her.

In each dream I paused & I stopped myself from saying anything to JB because I felt / assumed that she did not want to talk to me, this caused me to feel sad, but I each time I paused & took a deep breath & I walked away.

JB still did not seem to notice or see me during this in each dream.

While I felt sadness each time as I walked away, there was also a positive aspect to both dreams where I seemed to be working on / improving & gaining better control of my emotions & response by stopping my urge to talk to someone I want to talk to even if I do not think that they want to talk to me.

I also seemed to be coming closer to accepting the increasingly likely possibility that some people, including my favorite coworker / one of my favorite people like JB, may not really want to talk to me / be around me et cetera & I may or may not be more of an annoyance et cetera to her / some people now.

I can still say hello & I can try to talk sometimes when there are opportunities, but basically stop trying to force conversation if other people do not seem interested; and just try to accept that.

I woke up earlier than normal even though I did not get enough sleep, though I felt like I did oddly.

I felt some sadness but I also felt like I possibly gained a little resistance, control, and more acceptance of what seems to be highly likely based on my own conscious & subconscious observations & assumptions & predictions; which helped.

The end,

-John Jr

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