Lunch Plates & Amarna Miller

I had a variety of dreams that I remembered, I did not record them unfortunately, and so now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream.

This dream took place during the evening in my parent’s yard, I walked to one of our automobiles that was parked past where the basketball goals used to be, and I looked inside it trying to find something.

I forgot to mention that there was another automobile in our yard, maybe a van parked near where my brother GC’s dog Onyx should be, and inside that automobile was a man with dark-color skin & two women with light-color skin.

One of the two women was Amarna Miller, and they were parked in our yard oddly.

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While I was searching one of our automobiles, probably my automobile, I found several bags of lunch plates (plate lunches) that were in foam containers.

My dad had probably brought them home from somewhere, the lunch plates were still warm, and so I walked to the other automobile to offer some lunch plates to them.

They seemed to possibly be trying to film a porn film or maybe a normal film where the man & one of the women would keep trying to have sex in the automobile, but Amarna would keep interrupting them; and so this seemed to all be scripted for the scene.

Amarna’s character seemed to be the comedic relief character whose main job was to annoyingly keep interrupting them every so often, maybe she would join in later, but I have no idea.

There was no nudity or actual sex in the dream, Amarna kept returning to the automobile for various reasons interrupting them, which was part of the assumed script.

They accepted the lunch plates, which were already in a plastic bag, and I walked away as they continued their assumed scene or their practice for that scene.

While I was walking away, I realized that the lunch plates were from the previous day.

I had a false memory where I forgot them in my automobile.

They had not been refrigerated that entire time, and so I walked back to get the lunch plates from Amarna & the others to avoid the risk of anyone getting sick.

Fortunately, the lunch plates were still in the bag because they were still busy trying to film or practice for their assumed porn film.

I let them know the situation, I apologized, and then I started to walk away with the lunch plates which I planned to give to the dogs.

They were still working on their assumed scene, or maybe they took a break from it.

As I was waking up, I wondered how were the lunch plates still warm, but I woke up.

Feeling temperature like that in a dream is rare for me, especially coming from objects like lunch plates, so that was cool that I could feel the heat from the lunch plates.

The end,

  • John Jr

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