Not Feeling Like Doing Anything & Forgotten Dreams

I did not get enough sleep last night, I got in bed very late & I had to wake up for work in the morning, I woke up feeling tired & numb like I did not care about doing anything (I did not care about dreaming, sleeping, recording my dreams, getting up for work or getting out of bed, or even staying in bed), so I stayed in bed as long as I could, I barely got myself out of bed, and I did not record any of the dreams that I remembered throughout the night.

I know that some of my dreams were impacted by how I felt in the real world & with me trying to stay in bed as long as I could even though it was not helping the tiredness or numbness of not wanting to do anything, and so the dreams somehow incorporated this in the dreams in ways that I can not remember.

I know that one or more video games were featured in several of the dreams, video games that I have seen gameplay of on YouTube recently like Resident Evil Village, and one or more dreams possibly involved me working at The BP Library & some of my coworkers were probably in the dream(s).


I had more dreams that I remembered, but I have forgotten them now after going the entire day not thinking about them or recording them.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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