The Five Head Hostage Situation

This dream took place during the night while it was raining, my parents & maybe my brother GC & I were at a one-story building in a waiting room with other people, and a Islamic terrorist group was in control of the building.

It was a hostage situation where this Islamic terrorist group was holding hostages, many of the hostages seemed to be family members of what seemed to be a mafia or gang or organization collective that I think was called The Five Head, or maybe The Five Head was the name of the people leading this collective or group, and everyone in the lobby were there to make a deal or pay a ransom to get their family members back.

This Islamic terrorist group seemed to be using this tactic to make money to fund their terrorist group, they seemed to target mostly criminal organizations with money, which was smart because they were not likely to go to the police et cetera for help, and they knew that these groups could not attack them if they had their family members as hostages.

I sensed that The Five Head could defeat this terrorist group, but they did not because they knew that their family members who were hostages would be killed.

Some of my brothers were hostages, that is why my parents & maybe my brother GC & I were there too, and I learned a shocking truth while we waited in the waiting room.

I learned that my dad was an accidental member of The Five Head, he was an accidental member of a mafia or gang or organization who wore their jackets or coats backwards with the collars noticeably visible, it looked like someone wearing a nice formal or semi-formal jacket or coat over their shoulders but backwards, like a mafia boss or something, and this group possibly had a name that acknowledged how they wore their coats or jackets.

This mafia-like group that my dad was accidentally a member of seemed like a combination of a yakuza & mafia & gang & maybe even cartel & maybe even something else, I assumed that they were a criminal organization of some kind, but I could have been wrong; I hoped that they were not.

My mom & dad quietly told me a short version of the story of how my dad accidentally became a member of The Five Head (which was either an alliance or collective of groups (including the group that my dad was part of if this was an alliance or collective) or was the leading council or was the leaders of the groups).

My dad said that he used to often go to a certain business of some kind, he would wear his coat or jacket backward, he noticed that some of the other people there often wore their coats or jackets the same, and they asked him a question that he thought was a joke.

The question had something to do with him wearing his jacket or coat backward, maybe they asked him if he was a whatever the name of their group was guy, and my dad replied yes thinking that they were just joking about how he wore his jacket or coat.

After that the group of people treated him great & would invite him to places et cetera, he got to meet others, he assumed that they were just a group of people with a common interest in how they wore their jackets or coats, but later he learned that they were part of an organization that I assume was mafia et cetera-like.

They incorrectly assumed that my dad was already a member, they liked him so much that he kept moving up the ranks, he was never involved in any crime & never witnessed any, but he was just great at making friends when he would visit them at the business & go to places when invited for gatherings / parties / meetings / et cetera.

At this point it was too late, he sensed that if he told them that he was not really a member & that this was a mistake that him & his family would be in danger, basically once a member always a member I assumed; and so he kept quiet about this to protect us, and he went along with the flow still never getting involved in any criminal activity.

Learning this news shocked me, I assumed that meant that we as his family were under the protection of The Five Head, and maybe we were also considered members in a way but I was not sure about that last part; but I did feel that there were perks of being family members of members of The Five Head.

The terrorist group only allowed a few people at a time to the back to make their deals / pay their ransoms to get their family members back, and so the rest of us were waiting on our turn.

Various members of The Five Head were there, they greeted my dad, and my dad seemed to be highly respected among The Five Head.

I woke up as I thought about the dangerous situation that we were in with this hostage situation & with my dad accidentally being a member of The Five Head.

The end,

-John Jr

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