JB & A Patron Not Responding

I had four or more dreams that I remembered that I did not record, and so I have forgotten all of my dreams now except for the very last part of my last dream.

At the very end of this dream I was at work at The BP Library, I was in the computer lab, and my female coworker JB was helping a male patron with light-color skin & maybe one or two other patrons in the closest study room.

They were looking at a laptop, maybe it was a Chromebook, like the patron was having a problem with something involving the internet and / or the laptop et cetera.

I started walking over there to see if they needed help, I stood on the outside, I asked them if they needed help, but they did not look or respond like maybe they did not hear me; and so I moved toward the door, but JB walked out.

I asked JB if they needed some help, she did not respond & she walked past me like I was not there, she did not even look at me, and so I asked her one or two more times as she walked away; but she still did not respond or turn around as she walked away.

She looked a little frustrated, it seemed that she was going to get something or look up something or get help or cool off, but I was not sure.

The male patron started to walk in that direction as well, I asked him if he needed help, but he also did not respond or look at me or stop like I was not there; and so I asked him again as he continued to walk in that direction, but once again he did not respond or turn around or stop like I was invisible.

I stopped & stood there confused, did they not hear or see me, am I invisible or did they just ignore me, I probably started to wonder if I was dreaming & even if I was dreaming, why were they acting like I was not there, was I not really there & was just seeing this, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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