A Message For Future Children | UFOs | The BP Library Grocery Store?

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place in the city of D, there were some wild animals around the city, including at least two tigers, and I remember being on the lookout for them to avoid them maybe.

At some point I was carrying a stack of books as I walked to the yard of The E House with my mom, and some people from the WWE including Vince McMahon & Stephanie McMahon & several professional wrestlers were just finishing a meeting that they were having at one or more tables in the yard where the table used to be in real life.

As they were leaving I saw my books on a table so that I could go inside the house to use the bathroom, when I returned outside my mom had moved some items, and the next thing that I remember is that I was holding my books while standing outside in the parking lot of where The Bread Store used to be.

Among my books were two bibles, one or both of them were white, and I stopped to glance at some of the books including the bibles.

Something that I saw possibly started this, but for some reason I started thinking about what advice would people give to the children of the future.

I started to think about what advice would parents give to their future children, and I started to think about what message I would give to my future children.

This was an emotional moment, I remember imagining myself writing this message in a book, and part of my message was something like: I would tell them that life is precious & short in a way, though maybe longer for us humans, that you should try to find joy in each day, that as we get older we often start losing that & other things & everyday can start feeling the same & lose its charm / wonder / joy / et cetera, and so they should try to avoid that in their own ways.

There was more to my message of course, with some other important life lessons / advice as well, this was such an emotional moment that I possibly started to cry or almost cry, it was more positive than negative; but I woke up.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place in my parents yard, I was out there with my mom, and I noticed an object moving very fast through the sky.

I quickly lost track of the fast flying object, it was so quick that I thought that maybe I was mistaken about having seen anything, I mentioned it to my mom, and I continued looking around at the sky to see if I could find it again.

Then on the left side of the sky I suddenly saw a small light that moved quickly, so quickly that it covered a long distance at speeds beyond any technology that I have seen, and my mom saw it too.

So we were witnessing a UFO, it was too high in the sky to see what it was, but it was clearly an object that was flying around at amazing speeds.

I am not sure if this is part of the dream or what came to my mind shortly after waking up, but we saw more fast moving objects that got closer until we could see that they were strange spacecraft.

More and more spacecraft started showing up & moving around & closer, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream involved me working during the day at a fictional version of The BP Library what looked like a grocery store, and there were even shelves of grocery store items.

I am not sure if we were sharing the building with a grocery store or if we somehow how had a grocery store now, I only remember the end of this dream, and so I do not even remember if any areas even looked like a library or not.

My female coworker JB was at the front desk or behind the front counter that was against the long wall on the right side of the building further to the left of the entrance, and another female coworker of ours was standing near there talking to her but I can not remember who (maybe Ms. MB or DT).

I did say something to them from a distance & they said something back, but I can not remember what we said.

There was a somewhat old woman / female patron with dark-color skin who was shorter than me trying to get groceries, she could not reach the top shelves, and so I helped her by getting the items on the top shelves for her like a large mostly white box of cereal.

We talked a little during this and the patron thanked me, she then headed to JB to maybe buy the groceries, unless they were free or something, but I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr

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