Documenting Dota | In A Class With JB & TR & SB

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by my brother GC & I finishing watching the animated TV show Dota: Dragon’s Blood, all that I can remember of this dream is that it involved things from Dota, and me documenting it in a document that was possibly on Google Docs.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood | Official Trailer | Netflix

Dream 2

The end of this dream involved a class that was in a classroom in maybe a school-like building that somewhat reminded me of a fictional school that seemed to be based on a combination of the C Elementary School & KRH Elementary School in the city of D.

I possibly had false memories of having been to this class before and / or it felt like I had, my female coworker JB was sitting at a desk at the back of the room closer to the left side, my female coworker TR was sitting at a desk to the right of her, I was sitting at a desk on the right side of the room along the wall several desks up further from them, and my coworker Ms. SB was sitting at the front of the class either by the teacher’s desk or at it.

Ms. SB was possibly a teacher’s aid or teacher or something like that, while the rest of us were students, I think there were a few other people there, but not many.

JB had an antique sewing machine with part of it being made of wood (probably not the machine itself, but other parts connected to it) that she brought with her, I think that she would bring it to this class each time, and that she wanted to use it in this class; maybe she hoped to learn some sewing and / or something like that.

JB & TR were talking with each other for most of the dream, I wanted to talk to them, but they never did seem to notice me & they never even looked in my direction.

I remember glancing over at them throughout the dream sometimes hoping to get their attention so that I could talk to them, I really wanted to talk to them, especially to JB, but they never did seem to notice or acknowledge me.

Besides really feeling like talking with them, especially to JB, I also felt sad & maybe a little lonely & maybe a little rejected or invisible & maybe some other negative feelings, and so this dream had a more negative feeling to it that was stronger than your normal dream.

But at the same time I also had a slight resistance to these emotions, I seemed to be slightly better resisting the urge to go talk to them myself, like this dream was putting me in this situation to try to build some resistance to soften the blow of rejection & not being able to really talk to the people I really want to talk to like JB et cetera or the possibility of them not really wanting to talk to me.

I still looked for an opening to join the conversation, but that never came; and so I sat there alone in the enhanced negative emotions of the dream just having to endure it.

I find it interesting that this is the second day out of three days where I have had a dream where people treated me like I was invisible & not there, JB was in both of those dreams, her being in both dreams make sense though as one of my favorite coworkers & people, which makes such dreams more impactful.

I woke up at about 7:00 AM with the same mostly negative emotions from the dream that lingered & hurt my mood for several hours, I could not really go back to sleep after this, I possibly did fall a sleep a few short times very lightly, but it did not feel like it; but I stayed in bed trying to sleep for the next two hours and thirty something minutes without much luck.

Then I got up still with the negative feelings & mood from the dream, I wanted to walk outside, I only had enough time to walk for five minutes before having to go to work, but I really felt like walking out there for a long time to recover from the dream & lack of sleep & negative mood et cetera.

It was nice & sunny so it would have been a good time to walk around and think, daydream, listen to music, exercise, and then go back in; but I had to leave for work.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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