A Weird Room | Shopping | A British YouTuber

Dream 1

At the end of this weird dream, that I had shortly after going to sleep, some of my brothers and I were inside a weird somewhat large windowless part / room of a possibly metal building.

We were in a large room where we had a wall-less bedroom raised off the ground where the outer edges were like a very short wall that anyone could walk over.

I then noticed various non-human animals in similar but smaller somewhat egg crate-like areas around the room with a small area for each animal.

Some of the animals I saw were rabbits, poodles, maybe sheep and / or goats, and several other animals.

I then noticed another bedroom area closer to us that had some possibly very young African boys with dark-color skin who looked & dressed almost the same in that area.

The boys started to slowly invade our area messing with stuff annoyingly, I kept telling them to stop, but then one of them started messing with me.

There was a creepiness & mischievousness about these boys & their behavior, one of them jumped on my back & was doing something as I tried to get him off, this was weird & creepy & annoying, I could feel it, and I woke up during the struggle to get him off my back.

Dream 2

This dream involved my mom, some of my brothers, and I going shopping out-of-town at a shopping center.

I parked in a nearby neighborhood, and we walked to the shopping center.

After shopping we walked back to the neighborhood to find my automobile, the neighborhood seemed a bit rough & dangerous, and I started to feel possible danger from what I saw & heard & from some of the people I saw & how they were looking & acting.

I also wondered if my automobile had been stolen or broken into or not, I saw something going on ahead as we rushed forward to find my automobile to leave, but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream involved a British male YouTuber who had some videos on YouTube about helping first responders & showing them support for what they do, videos about enjoying life, and videos of him ranting & complaining about / against certain protests & protestors (probably those involving social justice).

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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