Burning Down A House | Pleasure & Pain | Taking Down A Roof

Dream 1

In this dream I was at a fictional old abandoned multi-story house where my aunt JE’s house should be, I was there with most of my brothers, except for my brother GC, and maybe a one or more of our younger cousins.

My brothers were a little younger in this dream, this house was owned by my mom’s side of the family, this house was familiar to me, and I possibly had false memories of it.

I remember us being on an upper floor of the house when we noticed some strange things that I can not remember that possibly involved strange paranormal and / or supernatural entities of some kind, whatever we saw was bad or serious or weird enough that we felt that burning it / them / the house was the best option.

My brother CC called our uncle JE about the situation, after their phone call I assumed that uncle JE had given us permission to start the fire, so we probably poured some flammable liquid around, and we lit it right before we rushed to escape the house.

During our escape I remember the lower floor having a narrow glass greenhouse-like area that I climbed down on, the glass was so old & worn & patched in some places that I had to crawl in some areas to avoid breaking the glass, and eventually I reached the bottom and / or an opening that I used to reach the ground level to escape.

On the other side of where The R Trailer used to be was a small white food stand, our uncle CE was inside of it, he saw us rushing back to my parents house, and one or more of us briefly stopped to talk to him because he said something to us.

Then we rushed to my parents house hoping to be there before anyone notice the fire, uncle CE quickly smelled the smoke & he went to investigate, he saw the fire, and he called emergency services; and then he walked to my parents house to ask us about it.

Before he arrived I found out that our uncle JE had not given us permission to start the fire, CC did talk to him, but he had not gotten us permission; and so now I started to panic & worry about what we had done & how my uncle CE & the rest of my mom’s side of the family would react.

I heard uncle CE knocking at the door, I hid in a room trying to figure out what to do & say, and I panicked so much that I woke myself up because I did not want to deal with my uncle CE et cetera.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place during the day at & near maybe a college, at the very end of the dream I was walking outside by maybe a hotel and / or college dorm and / or college apartment, and I happened to see a few short moments of what seemed to be a traveling performance art show called Pleasure & Pain.

Amarna Miller & a woman with light-color skin were behind this Pleasure & Pain traveling performance art show, it was just the two of them traveling around the world performing this in public, and from the little that I saw walking by it seemed to be their artistic exploration of sexuality with a focus on pleasure & pain.

There was a small crowd of people watching them outside, Amarna & the woman were on a table or something, it seemed that they were just finishing making out which I guess was the pleasure part, and then they seemed to move to the pain part where the woman seemed to have her arm bandaged while maybe Amarna cut it or something weird.

I was too far away to see what was happening, it seemed that maybe there was some blood and / or cutting of something, maybe it was just a sort of magic trick to make it seem like she was cutting off parts of her arm and / or bandages and / or whatever, but I have no idea.

I kept walking without stopping, so that is all that I saw, they had their clothes on mostly from what I saw, but who knows how far this performance would go; and I somewhat assumed that they probably would push the boundaries a bit as the performance continued, but who knows.

The local news was there covering their performance, and later in the dream I even saw it on TV when I entered a lobby of a hotel or dorm or apartment near their performance.

Later after their performance & when I went back outside, I saw two or more campsites set up nearby, and I assumed one of them was possibly for someone homeless while the other was possibly for Amarna & the other woman; but I was not sure, I looked around, but I did not see them.

I assumed that they were probably inside one of the buildings possibly eating and / or doing interviews and / or talking with the crowd from earlier and / or exploring outside somewhere.

I decided that I would check again later to see who the campsites belonged to, so that I could see if I was correct or not, and I probably wanted to talk to them.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

In this dream I was outside at the yard of The E House with all of my brothers who were slightly younger, CC was still in the military though so he was still old enough to be in the military, and my brothers were tearing down the roof of The E House by hand and maybe small hand tools mostly.

Unlike in the first dream, one or more of our aunts and / or uncles from my mom’s side of the family had given them permission to do this, at some point CC fell through a weak spot in the roof.

CC landed on his feet, it obviously hurt his leg(s) and / or foot or feet, I remember him limping out.

I started walking over to see if he was okay, I hoped that he was not hurt too bad, and I wondered what would he do if he was because he was only here visiting & was going to be returning to his military job soon; but I woke up before I could reach him as he limped away from the inside of the house.

The end,

-John Jr

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