Military Hitmen & Parachuting / Gliding & Marilyn Monroe

This was a cool & vivid dream that felt more like a lucid dream, it almost became a lucid dream, or maybe it became a semi-lucid dream.

Unfortunately I only remember closer to the end of the dream, I was with at least three people, maybe we arrived at a warehouse-like area, and we saw one or more people (we possibly knew them, but I can not remember) about to be attacked / killed by at least three semi-undercover hitmen / mercenary / special forces-like men armed with guns.

We fought the men, we managed to disarm them, they were clearly well trained & experienced & were clearly military trained, but we caught them by surprise which allowed us to do that.

We did not defeat them after that, we just managed to fight them off enough to mess up their mission, and then a large number of geared up & armed American soldiers showed up.

They were led by a male military officer with light-color skin, them showing up probably saved our lives, but it turned out that the men we fought were with them & they seemed to be semi-undercover special forces soldiers while the rest of the soldiers were just normal soldiers.

They basically placed us under arrest, not officially, they had us get on our knees inside of the warehouse or hangar while the special forces soldiers talked with the commanding officer about how we had messed up their mission & that their target(s) were still alive et cetera.

They had equipment that they used to look us up in the system it seemed, so I assumed that they had access to our personal records et cetera, they probably took our driver’s licenses, et cetera; and they called someone to probably get more information about us, and maybe to report us.

The commanding officer was not happy about this situation, he was pretty frustrated by how we had messed up their mission, he seemed to not know how he should deal with us, he probably thought about having us killed, they had not expected anyone else to had been around, we had seen too much, but for now he ordered some of the normal soldiers to take us somewhere else.

I assumed that they were going to take us to a military prison or a secret military / CIA site or a military base for further interrogation et cetera.

Without warning a male soldier with dark-color skin grabbed me from behind, he strapped something around me, and we started floating in the air like we were parachuting up.

Several groups of other normal soldiers were doing the same with the others, eventually we were flying through the air by parachute I assumed, and then we were using a parachute / glider-like thing that groups of three or four people held on to.

We used this to fly & glide through the air, this felt real & fun, and I noticed that one or more of the soldiers were using my flying technique in dreams where I glide down & then up to gain some speed & some height.

They were using this technique on the parachute / glider-like thing that we were using, this seemed to be their first time using this outside of their training, and so I started to join in showing them & telling them how I use this technique in dreams sometimes when I fly.

We flew over fields, trees, forests, and a few roads.

The feeling & the view were all amazing and realistic, I could feel the wind et cetera, it was fun, and we started to get better at working together to fly / glide our parachute / glider.

We reached a fictional familiar city, maybe a place from a past dream because I remembered this place, and I had a few false memories of it.

We made a mistake of flying down too low & we were forced to land in the city, the other groups of soldiers & the people I was with were still flying / gliding over the city, and so we left on foot to find somewhere with enough open space where we could hopefully run & jump & gain enough height to fly / glide again with our parachute / glider thing.

I knew where the beach was, so we headed there, somehow this part of the dream became like an old movie, and we were now with Marilyn Monroe in an old style car, and we drove to a tiny beach.

This was possibly the wrong beach or part of it, it was a very tiny strip of sand near a red barn-like dock that was by a small body of water, and on the other side of the water on the raised land was maybe a hotel and / or casino and / or one or more businesses that all fit the time period of Marilyn Monroe & the car.

I remember us talking & trying to figure out if this was the correct beach & whether this would be enough space, Ms. Monroe said a few things, maybe somethings about the nearby businesses & some of the people there, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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