Suffocating | A Super Bar Fight | A Secret Terrorist

Dream 1

I had this short dream shortly after falling asleep, I think that I was at my parents house or a fictional version of it, and I went into the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom was a young boy who was a family member of mine (maybe a fictional nephew), I think that at first it seemed that he was next to the bathtub, but then it seemed that he was in the tub.

I noticed that there was clear plastic with water in it was covering his face, I went to remove it, when I removed it some water fell out, but then there was another layer of plastic under that, so he was starting to suffocate, and so I removed that.

Under that was another layer of clear plastic filled with water, I started to panic at this point, he was panicking too as he continued suffocating even worse now, at this point I really feared for his life, and I wondered how many layers of plastic & water were covering his face still.

I did not have time to think, I rushed to remove this new layer of plastic that was filled with water, but the panic level was so strong that it caused me to accidentally wake up because it felt so real & intense; and so I woke up abruptly in classic

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place during the day, and I entered a small fancy carpeted library-like bar / restaurant-like room where there were rich people & people with superpowers (including some superheroes & supervillains).

This room seemed like a place for the elite to hang out, oddly it possibly seemed to be where the living room at my parents house should be, and I sat at the bar-like area where several rich men were talking.

Donald Trump showed up & sat to the right of me, one or two of the rich men nearby were fans of his, and Mr. Trump said a few things to me & the nearby rich men.

Not too far away two people or entities with superpowers got into an argument, maybe a man / male entity & a woman / female entity, I moved outside to avoid their possible fight, but then they went outside to start fighting near where I was.

I had to dodge them as they fought each other, another female entity with superpowers showed up, her husband was an entity with superpowers who had a magic mirror that he could use to teleport in & out of, and she had his magic mirror.

He probably could teleport to this location through the mirror if she asked him to, she probably was considering it depending on how the fight went.

During the fight, the female entity with the mirror started talking about a rivalry between two queens, maybe a Spanish queen & an English queen, I am not sure, and she started to explain her husband’s connection to their rivalry.

Something happened that I can not remember where somehow I got some of his superpowers when I was hit with an attack, I am not sure if he or his wife shot something from the mirror at one of the people fighting or what happened, but I do know that I was hit by accident.

For some reason instead of killing or hurting me, I somehow absorbed his powers or something, there is even a chance that maybe he was trying to teleport out of the mirror but accidentally teleported into my body or something; so maybe I absorbed him when he accidentally teleported inside me, but I can not remember.

Whatever happened, his wife was not happy & she probably was worried about him and / or his powers, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The end of this dream took place inside a store where a man with light-medium color skin who was from somewhere in the Middle East worked, a variety of people he knew were there shopping, I was shopping as well, and at some point I found an AK with an empty magazine.

As I was taking the AK to report it to the man, I saw & heard that a male shopper with light-color skin he knew, had just found out the truth about the man.

The truth that he had just found out was that the man who worked at the store was actually a wanted terrorist who had done some terrible things in one or more countries, probably in the Middle East, but he had left & was hiding in this country possibly under a fake name hiding this secret.

Some other shoppers heard this, they were all shocked because he seemed like a nice guy, he then pulled out a gun, he started to gather everyone up as hostages until he made sure that he had everyone, and then I felt that he was going to kill everyone.

I started sneaking around with the AK trying to find ammunition and / or trying to get close enough to attack him, he did not see me as I sneaked around, and I kept getting closer & closer.

It was pretty intense, at some point I got super close to where him & the hostages were, I possibly finally got a chance to attack him, but I can not remember if I did or not before I woke up or what the outcome was.

The end,

-John Jr

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