Anime | A Surprise Date

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream, anime was referenced.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was on a team in some kind of competition.

At some point in the dream the anime was referenced again like in the previous dream, maybe it became a part of the competition in some way.

I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

At some point in this dream, I was walking outside on a sidewalk.

A woman with medium-light color skin or dark-light color skin with long medium-dark color hair who looked somewhat like the character Ana Lopez from the TV show Black Lightning stopped & started complimenting me.

We briefly talked as she also joked & somewhat flirted with me, then she invited me somewhere, so we walked there.

Her appearance changed without me noticing it, and she now looked / spoke / acted like a sexier version of the character Isabelle from the TV show Resident Alien with a slightly darker but still light-color skin color.

She took me to a large, possibly multi-story fancy furniture store / art gallery / museum-like place.

We entered a room where we were greeted by a stereotypical well-dressed butler-like man with light-color skin who greeted her by name.

It seemed that she was probably / possibly the owner or manager of this place based on his responses to her & how she was acting.

We sat on a fancy bench or seat, the butler-like man stayed in the room at a distance in case we needed anything I assume, and the woman & I talked quietly.

Basically it became a date, I remember us slowly getting closer, and things getting slower & more seductive & sexier.

We even started short kisses between words, there was also some physical contact, and the butler-like man probably asked if she wanted him to lock this room & leave & make sure that no one enters.

I can not remember if she responded or not, I do know that he did move toward the door, I am not sure if he locked it or if he just stood guard at the door.

This all felt nice & pretty real, the slow seductive sexy talking & short kisses between words were like the great kissing scene from the movie Rear Window (1954).

Though, things were starting to get too heated for this location, in my opinion.

So I started to tell her some unsexy facts about myself / my life that brought an abrupt stop to things before things got too heated.

I think that I told her that this was my first date, that this was my first time kissing, that I never had sex before, and that I still lived with my parents.

While this worked to cool things down & it was the truth, I somewhat started to regret revealing that much, and then I waited to see what would happen, expecting that to be the end of the date.

There was a pause, a few things were said, and to my surprise that was not the end of the date; and we continued our date a little less sexily than before.

She then took me to another room that was a fancy marble-like room with a small swimming pool, in a fancy Greek / Roman-like style, and we got in the pool; but I can not remember the details.

After this we either walked around the art gallery / museum-like areas & then we left, or we just left, I remember us walking outside.

I probably asked if she wanted me to walk her home or almost home, maybe I walked her almost home or home, depending on what her response was to my question.

Then I left back to my parent’s house, which was possibly inside a fictional apartment building.

I just remember seeing my mom outside with a familiar-looking young man with medium-color skin with long curly hair, and he was helping her carry groceries inside.

I thanked the young man, we talked to him & he told us where he worked et cetera, and then he left.

Later in the dream I returned to the building where the woman & I had gone on a date, the young man who helped my mom was there.

I think that he worked at this building, so perhaps the woman was his boss.

I think that we were by the swimming pool, he told me that there was something dangerous about the water, maybe something dangerous was in there, but I could not see anything.

Furthermore, I was not sure if it was some kind of dangerous wild life or toxin, or something paranormal.

The woman I had gone on a date with showed up, she said a few things to the young man & maybe sent him to work on something, and then the woman & I talked.

I realized that I had not given her my contact information, so I went to tell her, but somehow she already had my: phone number, email address, address, and she knew the website address to my blog.

She probably said that she would contact me soon for another date and /or to talk et cetera, she then possibly had to return to her work inside the building, but I can not remember.

I do remember that my dad & most of my brothers showed up to tour the art gallery / museum-like areas.

I joined them, but we got separated when I stopped after noticing two women walk by them who looked like my mom.

Likewise, I stopped to greet them, one of the women was shorter than the other, the taller woman looked even more like my mom, I was confused by this, and I stopped to talk to them.

I asked them if my dad & my brothers had noticed them, they replied no, and I was surprised by this because they looked like my mom.

I walked & talked with them, and at some point I asked one of them if they were my mom & if not, why did they look like her.

Furthermore, I can not remember what their reply was, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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