Fire At A School Assembly & Donuts

All that I can remember of this dream is that I arrived at a fictional school, maybe a high school, for the first day of school.

It was day, I walked from outside the school to inside it, and some of my former classmates were there among the students & my female coworker CR.

The middle part of the school was like a grocery store or general store, and we all walked to a school assembly in a very rough hurricane damaged auditorium that did not look safe to be in because of the hurricane damage.

The student council was leading the assembly, I do not remember seeing any teachers, and the student council possibly had a large pile of pasta that was basically bow tie pasta with ground beef & maybe Alfredo sauce.

The student council said that we needed to eat up all the old food from the previous school year before we can start eating or getting new food, and the pasta was an example of this.

While the school council was still talking, I started to hear a sparking noise coming from some lighting equipment in the back ceiling on the left side of the room, and then a small fire started.

I got up to start exiting the room because of the obvious danger, oddly the student council told everyone to stay in their seats, but then a male student with light-color skin under that area caught fire.

I was still by the exit, everyone panicked & started running to escape, and so I was the first out of the room.

As we ran I noticed some donuts in the store area, so I told my female coworker CR, and we ran to get the donuts before escaping; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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