Terrible Louisiana School History | A Traitor

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that part of the dream involved some terrible history lesson(s) / stories being told that I had not heard of before, that were mostly focused on some terrible things that happened to some black / African American children in the past, with a focus on some terrible things that happened to them at one or more schools in Louisiana.

In the dream I went to the school or one of the schools in Louisiana to see it for myself, I can not remember the name or which parish or city, maybe the name of the parish started with a T, but I can not remember.

At the school I met a woman with dark-color skin, who was also there because of the terrible historical events that happened at this Louisiana school, and there was an emotional moment with her crying very hard; and maybe I even cried a little, but I can not remember if I cried or not.

I remember hearing police sirens getting close, I assumed that they were coming because of the woman making so much noise when she was crying, and so we started to run to escape before the police arrive.

When we reached the parking lot, a woman that the crying woman used to date, drove up & gave us a ride to an apartment that her mom owned; and so she got us out of there just in time as the police arrived.

Once we reached the apartment building, we thanked the woman, and the crying woman & I entered the apartment because she was going to pay the owner (the other woman’s mother) to rent an apartment room.

The crying woman paid for an apartment room, and she was going to let me spend the night there.

The next thing that I remember is that some people wanted me to play the role of the superhero character Thor in a comedy skit with several other people playing some other superheroes, and we were going to be wearing only underwear & swimming trunks with the top of our butt crack showing as part of this comedy skit.

I was not comfortable with the idea of having part of my butt crack showing, and so I said so; and I let them know that I would do the skit if they drop that part of the comedy skit.

I needed to urinate, so I walked to an area with some swimming pools & bathrooms to find the men’s bathroom.

The area I walked to where the children & teen swimming pools & bathrooms, so I asked a boy who was swimming if he knew where the men’s bathroom was, and he pointed to where it was.

I thanked the boy & I walked in that direction, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream involved me being with a group of people, and there was another group of people who were secretly trying to stop my group.

They were doing various things without us knowing it, like putting things on our keyboards to cover them, and other things to slow us down & annoy us & worse.

As the dream went on, their secret attacks got worse & worse, and the entire time we had no idea that this was being done intentionally.

At the end of the dream, my group & I walked to a multi-story building, we had a counter-sniper & a lookout covering us as we entered, but the other group killed & replaced our counter-sniper with their own.

A member of our group was a traitor, that is how this group was able to secretly attack us all this time without us knowing it, and I think that he was our lookout & he started letting in the other group who were going to enter the building & kill us by surprise.

He lied & told us that everything was still clear outside, that is why we did not know that our counter-sniper was dead, and that he had let the other group in to flank & kill us by surprise.

Even though I was inside the building with my team, I think, I was able to see this like a scene in a movie, after seeing this I was possibly going to warn my team, if I still had memory of this, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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