Krysten Ritter & Feeling Sick & Walmarts & Shootings & Barack Obama | The Paul Brothers

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was traveling during the day, I assume, and at some point I possibly met Krysten Ritter.

Later I remember feeling somewhat sick, one symptom was that I possibly felt like I had a fever, I remember going to a park, and I remember wondering if I had COVID-19.

During my travels I went to several Walmarts, shootings happened at almost all or all of the Walmarts that I went to during the dream, and at the last Walmart I met a woman & it felt like it became a date.

I can not remember any details about the woman, who knows, maybe it was Ms. Ritter.

Unfortunately we got interrupted by yet another shooting, my brothers & Barack Obama were among the various people there at the Walmart, and I remember us running to escape.

We possibly got separated, I can not remember, I just remember running outside, and the shooter was an unstable man with light-color skin with medium-length brown hair wearing a yellow shirt.

He was holding a woman with light-color skin at gunpoint, I heard someone say that she had cheated on him, and to my surprise I saw no police.

The man was angry & he was ranting at her as he pointed his gun at her, either I or someone else managed to talk the man down until he lowered his gun, and then police came out of hiding to arrest him.

I went to the parking lot to find my automobile, and I saw Mr. Obama get into a black muscle car & drive away.

As I looked around for my automobile, I remember being tired of all the shootings at almost every Walmart that I went to, but then I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day inside & outside my parent’s house, my brother KDC’s girlfriend K was there, and I was outside when she was trying to leave in her automobile; but she signaled to me that she needed my help with something, and so I walked to her automobile to help her.

While doing this, my brother CC & The Paul Brothers (Logan Paul & Jake Paul) & their father & grandfather & a thin man with light-color skin showed up in the alley by the pet cages, and The Paul Brothers were showing CC what looked like a long double-barrel AK that was possibly also a fishing pole & several long durable fishing poles.

The AK & fishing poles were so long that they got stuck on the tree, and so my brother CC rushed up several stacked ladders & up the tree to get them free.

The stacked ladders were unstable, I yelled that it was dangerous & some advice, but they did not listen to me; and so I went over there to help still doing this, but they still did not listen.

The ladders were close to falling, even as they tried to hold them, I was partly standing on a fence & pet cage trying to get in a position to hold one or more ladders from the right side while being in a position to try to catch CC if he fell.

I was worried about CC the entire time & worried what would happen to his family, my sister-in-law JC & my nephews CC & WC, and I was so worried that I accidentally woke myself up from the stress of the situation when CC was almost down safely.

The end,

-John Jr

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