A Fake Murder House?

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was traveling around a city during the day, and at some point I parked The Blue Van in an alley behind some houses in a quiet neighborhood.

At some point I walked inside an abandoned looking two-story house, and it seemed to be set up like a murder house; a fake murder house, I hoped & assumed.

In the upstairs bathroom, I found a bathtub with several human skeletons in it, but they looked a bit fake; and I hoped that they were fake.

The owner of the house possibly claimed that several undercover agents got murdered in this house, so I guess that was supposed to be their skeletons, or replicas of their skeletons.

I guess the owner of the house was possibly trying to make it into a murder house attraction that he could make money from, somehow I knew or assumed that the owner was a balding man with light-color skin, and I left the house just in case I was wrong about this being a fake murder house.

I walked around outside looking for The Blue Van so that I could leave, nearby was a gas station & a field, and I saw college students & students who were graduating.

I saw one of them wearing a band uniform, I possibly knew this person, but I can not remember.

As I was walking by them, someone jumped on my back, and somehow I assumed that it was a former female classmate of mine, even though I did not get to see who it was before I woke up.

I was still walking as this person was on my back, I planned on stopping & turning around to see who it was once we passed the students, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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