Riding With Salma Hayek

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional larger city, this dream had a somewhat realistic feel to it, and I was riding on a bus with someone else I knew (probably a family member like one of my brothers or a male cousin of mine, but I can not remember) & Salma Hayek was driving the bus.

It was just the three of us on this bus, the bus was possibly silver & blue, I am not sure if the dream started with me on the bus or not, it probably did, because I do not think that I really knew what was going on or where we were going even in the dream.

Ms. Hayek really seemed to be enjoying driving the bus & she seemed very comfortable driving it like she had a lot of experience, and she was very good at driving the bus.

I do not really know much about Ms. Hayek in real life, but in this dream she seemed very familiar to me like I knew her and / or she acted so much like a real person in this dream; which is surprising, because I have not really seen many of her movies et cetera.

At some point, as we were driving through busy traffic in a downtown-like area with tall modern buildings, a police car turned its sirens on, it seemed that the male police officer with light-color skin driving it was possibly trying to get through traffic to pull over our bus, I told Ms. Hayek this, but she acted like she did not notice or hear me.

Ms. Hayek then started to drive quickly & dangerously & skillfully through traffic like an action movie, I thought that we were going to wreck, we almost hit a car that jumped in front of us to pass another vehicle, but Ms. Hayek was so good at driving that she was able to skillfully dodge & swerve through traffic like it was nothing.

I told Ms. Hayek that not pulling over was not a good idea, especially if the police were really trying to pull us over, but I can not remember if she responded or not.

Ms. Hayek really enjoyed this assumed police chase, she smiled & somewhat laughed et cetera during the police chase, it was a pretty amazing & scary & fun & dangerous & probably illegal situation.

Ms. Hayek used the busy traffic to her advantage, she kept moving the bus through the traffic, using them to block the police car from even getting close to us, she was able to escape from the police car, and she parked & hid in a small parking lot full of buses across from an upscale multi-story casino-like building.

Hiding in a parking lot full of buses was a brilliant strategy by Ms. Hayek, she knew about this area & had intentionally chosen it, and we sat there inside the bus waiting a bit to make sure that we had lost the police.

I asked Ms. Hayek why would the police be trying to pull us over, she replied that this bus belonged to a friend of hers, I sensed that she knew what the police wanted, but she did not answer my question.

I forgot to mention that Ms. Hayek was wearing a nice upscale outfit & jewelry, but I was wearing my large ugly green jogging T-shirt & probably pants that I usually only wear at home & the other person with us was not dressed up either.

Ms. Hayek told us to follow her inside the upscale casino-like building across the street, it seemed that we were going to hide out in there, and I sensed that she was going to talk to someone she knew inside the assumed casino to help us & hide us for a little while.

When we entered the assumed casino, most people were dressed in nice clothing like Ms. Hayek, and so the other person & I looked out of place.

Ms. Hayek led us to what looked like the entrance of a dimly lit club inside the casino that was being guarded by a male bouncer with light-color skin with short blonde hair, and he let her inside without even stopping her like I predicted; but he stopped the other person & I like I predicted.

I predicted that I would have to tell him that we were with Ms. Hayek for him to let us inside, it seemed that he did not realize that we were with her because of how we were dressed, and how she had been walking ahead of us.

Ms. Hayek did not notice because she never did stop walking, the bouncer said that we could not come inside, so I told him that we were with Ms. Hayek (I did not say her name, I said that we were with her, and I pointed toward Ms. Hayek), Ms. Hayek turned around once she noticed that we were not with her, the bouncer asked her if we were with her, she said yes, and so he apologized to her & he let us inside like I predicted.

I woke up as we walked to catch us with Ms. Hayek, who seemed to know exactly where she was going, and it seemed that she was heading to the back or VIP section to talk to someone high-level who either worked here or was here.

The end,

-John Jr

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