My Strange Reflection In A Bathroom Mirror

All that I can remember of this dream is that I think that I was at a restaurant, and then I went to the bathroom to urinate.

Inside the bathroom was a female employee talking to a man with dark-color skin as they stood near the sinks, which were near a urinal and / or a bathroom stall, and I was confused because I thought that this was a men’s bathroom.

I wondered if the female employee was working in the bathroom and / or if this was a unisex bathroom.

They were by the urinal where I needed to use the bathroom, so I decided to waste some time looking in the mirror to see if they were going to leave or not, so that I could have some privacy.

I am not sure if I greeted them or not, I possibly did, but I am not sure; but I do know that I heard my own voice in my mind as I thought to myself.

When I looked in the mirror to see my reflection, I saw something surprising & confusing, I saw an unknown woman with light-brown skin with nice thick somewhat shiny curly black hair.

I remember thinking, who is this, is this supposed to be me, how is this possible, I am a man & I look nothing like this except for the hair color & maybe skin tone, and I wondered if I was somehow someone else; but in my mind (& possibly out loud if I spoke) my voice sounded normal instead of like a woman.

I looked around & away from the mirror & back while moving around to confirm whether the reflection in the mirror was of me or someone else, it was me even though it did not look like me, I was not sure how this was possible or what was going on.

I thought that it was cool that I had nice thick curly black hair now instead of short balding hair, and I looked better as this unknown woman.

The female employee & the man started to leave as I was still trying to make sense of my new appearance & how were women & men in this bathroom, and how did I look like a woman now, even though I felt & seemed to be myself on the inside at least.

As they were leaving, Morgan Freeman entered the bathroom to my surprise, and he was in a wheelchair to my surprise.

I really started to wondered what in the world was going on as this dream continued to get weirder, but I woke up after greeting Mr. Freeman.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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