Stopping An Active Shooter & Getting Reincarnated?

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation – Official Anime Trailer 2

All that I can remember of this dream, is that some of my family & I were inside a large multi-story multi-purpose building that had many types of businesses inside it including: various stores / Dollar General / casino / hotel / restaurants / banks / upper class counters / an indoor pond / an electronics store with maybe Chinese employees / and more.

At some point, my brother GC & I were inside a store when there was an active shooter (who was a man with light-color skin with blonde hair) nearby who eventually entered the store that we were in, and I managed to disarm & stop him; but I am not sure if I was injured or killed or not as a result of stopping him.

At some point, I remember going to buy some stuff at a Dollar Tree inside the building, but I needed to go get more money & they let me bring my unpaid for stuff with me because I left some money with them, I assume.

I got lost inside the building & I went to several wrong upper class counters / businesses by mistake as I looked for the Dollar Tree so that I could pay for the rest of my stuff, and the workers at the upper class counters looked at me like I was poor & like I did not matter & with disgust.

Eventually, Dollar Tree was possibly closed & I was trying to figure out how to contact them so that they did not think that I was trying to steal from them, but something happened to me where I either died or I somehow got reincarnated or something where I became a baby with all my memories still intact.

The dream jumped through time quickly showing a quick montage of my life as a baby until I was maybe a toddler pretending to not be able to talk yet, so that it would not look so weird once I did start talking at an adult level.

I possibly still remembered the Dollar Tree situation that I would have to deal with once I was old enough to finally pay them.

There was a video game-like part of the dream where I was at the indoor pond, I had to avoid a robot (android) & a creature who were along the areas around the pond.

After that there were other people there including my family, some people were fishing & hanging out, nearby some people actually had hotel rooms & it was night, and when I got excited about catching a fish a female employee loudly told me to be quiet.

That annoyed me, and I woke up not long afterward.

The end,

-John Jr

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