Alice Morgan Working As A Spy | A Flying Saucer

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place in a fictional city.

A probably American spy agency (intelligence agency) recruited some people, including me & one or two people I knew, including a man who looked like or was the actor John Dye.

The character Alice Morgan from the TV show Luther was recruited as well.

She possibly was recruited before us & she possibly was involved in having me & maybe the people I knew recruited without me / us knowing it, but I am not sure.

Orientation / training started in a small one-story metal building among several similar buildings in a field / parking lot on the left side of the road.

It was in an area that looked like the field / parking lot to the left of Carver Elementary School in DeRidder.

The other buildings probably belonged to the school & were for storage & for the janitors.

So this intelligence building was hidden in plain sight, and it did not seem that anyone else knew that it was really being used by an intelligence agency.

Our orientation / training in that building was being led by a somewhat older, somewhat out-of-shape woman with light-color skin with maybe blonde or orange / brown hair, but Alice was not there with us & we had not met her yet.

There was an out-of-shape man with light-color skin who was also a new recruit who was going to sit near me, but Alice had left a blackmail package with a message telling him to move to a different chair; or else she would release whatever blackmail she had in that package.

It seemed that Alice wanted that chair open so that she could sit by me, I have no idea how she knew that man would try to sit there, and so he moved quietly without saying anything.

In this dream is seemed that Alice was interested in me, it seemed that she had been spying on me & people I interact with.

She seemed to be trying to learn all that she could to set up her plans to get close to me.

I assume she did this to increase her chances of starting a relationship with me in a way that would be less likely to fail.

It seemed that she had done all of this secretly in the background, she was setting everything up in her favor, and in a way to help me.

So it was not completely selfish because she was also trying to help me secretly.

While I was still at the building, John Dye or the John Dye-like man I knew possibly found a note or message to him from Alice asking him to meet her somewhere.

So he left quietly to meet her without saying anything.

He found her outside wandering around in a girly disguise in an outdoor market-like area.

She explained her disguise & how she likes to go around in disguises like this as she does her spying et cetera, and how things like this interests her.

She also explained her interest in me, that she wanted to get his approval & support in starting a relationship with me.

Because she knew that he was a friend of mine who has my best interests, and that he would want to make sure that she was not a threat to me.

Alice wanted to stay on his good side, it seemed that she wanted to avoid having to blackmail and / or threat him into helping her because he was my friend.

She clearly wanted the support of the people closest to me, so she was willing to approach him in a way that showed vulnerability on her part.

He was very cautious & suspicious, but willing to give her a chance.

He asked her questions & watched her very closely, he was honest that he did not completely trust her yet, that he would watch her closely, and that he was going to give her a chance; and he probably warned her about not harming me in any way.

Alice made it clear to him that she had no intention of harming me, that I was special to her in a way, and that she did not want to harm anyone I cared about if possible.

The dream jumped from their meeting to most of my family being in the city on vacation or something, my brothers were kids again.

I heard what sounded like my dad yelling at one of them & possibly whooping / beating one of them for a long time.

I heard this from where I was, which made no sense, and so I walked outside trying to find where they were.

Furthermore, I was worried & starting to panic a bit, my protective instincts kicked in, and I went wandering around outside through the streets trying to find them & call out to them & even try to call them on my mobile phone.

I walked down a road bridge by a multi-story mall by a Target & arcade.

I saw two men with light-medium color skin playing arcades who saw me looking around while on my mobile phone in the street / bridge, and I heard them asking each other who I was.

But I woke up before I could find my family.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that either Alice Morgan (who is a doctor & scientist) or a man with light-color skin, had a silver saucer shaped aircraft or spacecraft.

It was pretty quiet & could hover, et cetera, and I assume that one or both of them built it.

Someone else was giving some other people & I a tour of the aircraft or spacecraft.

It was not clear if it ran on nuclear power or something else because the owner and / or builder was not there to answer those questions during the tour, and it was not clear how fast it could move.

I had the feeling that it was designed to be more energy efficient than you would think for an unconventional aircraft / spacecraft, but that was just my wild guess.

We were possibly hovering in the sky, possibly flying as well, during part or most of the tour, but I can not remember; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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