An Inappropriate Professor | Talking To My Grandmother DE | Lomax

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in college in a classroom in a class, our teacher / professor was a man with light-color skin with eyeglasses, and at some point he started to make inappropriate statements & ask inappropriate questions to maybe a female student & the class.

Our class started to confront him about this, he was defiant & he argued with us about it, it was clear that we probably were going to have to report him to the college & that none of us wanted him as our professor after this, and most of us were probably going to change classes if he was not replaced as our professor.


Pauline Croze – Wow Jah

Pauline Croze-Wow Jah

What Is It?

The song Wow Jah by Pauline Croze.

Pauline Croze Wow Jah.wmv
Pauline Croze- Wow Jah

Here are the descriptions for the videos above:

A tous les fans qui cherche cette chansons “bienvenue” , sinon superbe titre acoustique ………

La chanteuse française nous offre ici un morceau roots et juste accoustique comme il faut.
Pour les rootsman.
Wow Jah…

une belle ballade acoustique reggae