An Inappropriate Professor | Talking To My Grandmother DE | Lomax

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in college in a classroom in a class, our teacher / professor was a man with light-color skin with eyeglasses, and at some point he started to make inappropriate statements & ask inappropriate questions to maybe a female student & the class.

Our class started to confront him about this, he was defiant & he argued with us about it, it was clear that we probably were going to have to report him to the college & that none of us wanted him as our professor after this, and most of us were probably going to change classes if he was not replaced as our professor.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a large windowless possibly 1 1/2-story or 2-story house-like building sitting at one or more large tables eating & talking with some other people including my deceased grandmother DE.

During the dream, I did not realize that my grandmother DE had died years ago, it was like that never had happened, and I remember her quietly talking to me about a fictional job that I had.

In this dream I had a fictional job where my supervisor or boss was a man with light-color skin, we had a new attractive female coworker with light-color skin, and my supervisor or boss had me doing most of her work.

He basically had me do all the manual labor work for her, I guess he liked her or something, anyway my grandmother basically was telling me about this to let me know that I was being taken advantage of in her opinion.

He knew that I like to help others & that I would not complain each time that he would ask me to “help” her with something, as my grandmother explained the situation to me, it was clear that he had me doing most of her work, and I wondered what work did she actually do; and I wondered if he would slowly have her start doing work or would he continue to have me do most of her work.

This did not bother me though, it was nice to have my grandmother break down the situation to make it clear what was going on, and she made it clear that I had done nothing wrong & that I was a hard worker & that she was proud of me et cetera.

She basically let me know that I did not have to accept this if I did not want to, that if I did not want to confront my supervisor or boss about this myself, that she would, I thanked her, but I let her know that I would just wait & see what happens because I felt that maybe he would not be my supervisor or boss for much longer and / or that maybe the situation would change & it was not bothering me at this time.

I remember us both laughing at how she said that she did not mind going to my job to confront my supervisor or boss about this, we both knew that she meant it, and that she would not play around if she had to go up there.

I had never seen my grandmother talk or act like that before, so that was interesting, she was a good sport about it though & she clearly was being protective of me & had my best interests, and she respected my wish to not go up there yet.

My grandmother said some other positive & inspiring & helpful things to me that I can not remember exactly, I know that they were things that let me know that she cared about me, that she wanted me to live a happy & good life & follow my dreams et cetera, that she knew that I had the potential to do many of the things that I want to do in life & that she wanted me to know & believe that, and try to live the life that I want to live & not let the world or other people or myself get me down & stuck where I do not want to be et cetera.

Her bringing this up & her advice & her offer to help made me feel better, and it was good advice.

My grandmother also respected my privacy by talking quietly, so that the other people sitting at the table(s) could not hear our conversation, and it was nice sitting & eating & talking with my grandmother; but I woke up during this nice moment with my grandmother.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that my coworker Mr. JM from The BP Library showed me a news website / organization / company / whatever that I never heard of before called Lomax.

Oddly, Mr. JM told me that the name is pronounced like: law-max instead of low-max, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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