Pauline Croze – Wow Jah

Pauline Croze-Wow Jah

What Is It?

The song Wow Jah by Pauline Croze.

Pauline Croze Wow Jah.wmv
Pauline Croze- Wow Jah

Here are the descriptions for the videos above:

A tous les fans qui cherche cette chansons “bienvenue” , sinon superbe titre acoustique ………

La chanteuse française nous offre ici un morceau roots et juste accoustique comme il faut.
Pour les rootsman.
Wow Jah…

une belle ballade acoustique reggae

My Thoughts

This is a difficult to find song, (Wow Jah) by Pauline Croze, that I found by accident a couple of years ago when I was looking around for Pauline Croze videos on YouTube.

The only info that I could find about this song is that it was supposedly featured on the music album Reggae Massive 14, this song is not on any of her music albums that I have.

It is also not on any of her official websites / social media / et cetera that I know of.

In her short documentary, reggae music & some reggae musicians were among some of her musical inspirations.

So it is cool that she got a chance to make a song that was featured on a reggae music album, and it is among her only songs that are in English.

The end,

  • John Jr

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