A New House | A Misunderstanding | Snakes & Creatures

Dream 1

In this dream, most of my family bought an old two-story house in maybe the state of California in The United States near southern trees with the best shade in this quiet neighborhood that was next to a field.

My brother KD’s girlfriend K was possibly with us, and we went to shop at a nearby Walmart.

Instead of paying for our stuff at the Walmart, we took our stuff to a nearby small business to pay for our stuff there, and they packed & covered our stuff with plastic on a pallet after we paid them for it.

This makes no sense, I assume that most of the money would go to Walmart, while the small business charges some extra money to process the payment & pack your stuff for you.

It was a hot & sunny day with almost no shade in any of these areas, except for near our house, it did rain before this though, and we loaded our stuff from the pallet to walk the stuff back to our new house.

My mom got too hot & somewhat collapsed, she was still conscious, so I had to help her up & walk her to our new house.

Once inside our new house, I noticed a brown liquid leaking from the ceiling on the second-floor & down a wall, I was not sure if it was rust water or what it was, I assumed that it was water from when it rained earlier, and so we rushed to investigate & clean up the leak.

We hoped that it was not anything serious that would require us having to get a new roof for this house, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, I was in a fictional city walking around inside & outside, and at some point I ended up in a conversation with a man with light-color skin as we walked a building with many other people.

We had a good conversation as we walked around, at some point we walked outside, and we stopped to talk while sitting on a bench.

At some point during our conversation, the man started to lean toward me like he was going to try to kiss me or something, and so I stood up backing away saying woah! (or something like that); and I possibly kindly let him know that this must be some kind of misunderstanding / misreading of the situation / moment, and that I am only attractive to women, et cetera.

Somehow, without me realizing it, he changed into a woman who looked almost like a younger & thinner version of my female coworker KE, and she seemed embarrassed about the situation; and I heard her mumble something that seemed to suggest that she was not trying to kiss me when she started to lean in.

She was too embarrassed to look at me, Aaron Chiz was walking by, and she stopped him to ask him for advice on what to do now because she was too embarrassed to face me again.

Aaron tries to give her some advice, but she was still too embarrassed; and so she kept asking him for help.

Aaron started to look like he wanted to escape, and I tried to talk to her to hopefully help her; but she was still too embarrassed to even turn around & respond to me.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that my family, an obese man & his food eating contest team, my former female classmate DF, maybe a few other people, and I were at a house that had a mostly indoor swimming pool.

I can not remember if this fictional house belonged to my family or not, I assume that it did, and I assume that it was our new house.

I remember us finding snakes & creatures inside the house during the dream.

The obese man & his food eating contest team were there selling enchanted items including: food, knives, and short shorts that had various magical enchantments on them.

At some point I went into a bathroom to change clothes or something & my dad & one of my brothers happened to be in the bathroom as well, there were two or three separate sinks & mirrors, and so several people could use this bathroom at the same time.

One of my brothers was possibly just getting out of the shower, my dad was probably shaving or brushing his teeth before getting in the shower, and I was changing my clothes or something; and so we were mostly naked, and my former female classmate DF entered & left the bathroom without knocking several times to get something and / or to look for something inside the bathroom.

Surprisingly, this did not make me feel that uncomfortable or anything, and I got dressed & I left the bathroom.

I then joined some others & a small Gollum-like humanoid creature, who allegedly turned on the other creatures to help us, to hunt down the other creatures.

One or more of us possibly had some enchanted items that we bought from the man.

I did not trust the Gollum-like creature, as I expected, he betrayed us at some point, he transformed into some kind of devourer form, and he tried to eat / kill us.

But I woke up as we fought him.

The end,

-John Jr

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