Orgone Pendant Amethyst By OrgoneVibes


What is it?

The Orgone pendant Amethyst by OrgoneVibes, and here is the description for this pendant:

A large square orgone pendant featuring a hand-forged copper motif with a tiny piece of Baltic amber in the smallest circle. Brass flake (or brass flakes). See-through pieces of amethyst, selenite, rose quartz, and clear quartz that add a mishmash look to it. The pendant hangs on an adjustable suede cord with wooden beads. It promotes healing and protects from the electro-smog. Wear it daily for an extra energy boost, and to strengthen your energy body.

My Thoughts

I bought this handmade pendant back in 2018 as an experiment when it was on sale, I do not like to spend much on things, especially for experimental purposes, and so I waited until OrgoneVibes had probably their biggest sale & I looked only at his cheapest pendants (which no longer seems to exist there now-a-days, unfortunately, now everything is too expensive) because most were too expensive.

The front looked nice, but the back was not as clear as the front; and the necklace cord broke in less than a month.

Unfortunately, the holes in the pendant that your necklace is supposed to go through were too small, in an odd V pattern, and so fitting many other necklaces or attachments for a necklace is not really an option; and so I tried fishing line / string, that did not work out too well because it does not hold its shape & it slides a lot, and so I had it in a drawer since then until recently as I wait for a budget pendant from another seller to arrive.

The seller was nice & helpful, his early designs like these needed to be more practical & durable though, it seems that he has improved on that since then; it would have been nice if this pendant had those new design features.

Someone drilled a hole into the top of it where I could possibly add an attachment that would let me add my own necklace, at this time I have a military dog tag-like chain without an attachment, and so it does not always stay flat & flips from front to back at times.

I may get a necklace attachment for it one day, depending on how the new pendant works out, I am not much of a jewelry person, and so it is more a continuation of my previous experiment out of boredom & curiosity.

Unfortunately, I do not think that I really took much if any notes on my experiments with this pendant or the others, maybe I have some notes hidden among some of my old posts or something, but I am not sure.

Basically, a fellow blogger named Flynn told me about orgonite / orgone several years ago, so I decided to buy some cheap orgonite / orgone pieces to experiment to see if I notice any effects, I did not really believe that I would notice anything or believe in any of this pseudoscience stuff since I am more skeptical, but I did seem to possibly notice a few possible minor effects (none of the wild effects that some people claim) & differences among the several budget pieces I got from several sellers.

Depending on the piece, some possible minor effects were: a slight energy boost and / or a slight improvement in energy / mood balance and / or recovery, and a slight impact on sleep & dreams, but I was not sure if it was just the placebo effect or not.

I leaned more toward the placebo effect being at work there, but that more research would be necessary to know for sure or not.

To me orgonite / orgone is still pseudoscience, I try to stick more to actual science, but I try to keep an open mind (especially for things that have not been researched much yet).

I did not care to really put any effort in experimenting (I will let actual scientists do that), I lean more toward them just being unique handmade crafts / jewelry / pieces, if by chance they do help slightly in some small way, then that will be a plus, if science proves this then it will finally move from the realm of pseudoscience, but for now it is still pseudoscience.

The end,

  • John Jr

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