Scarlett Johansson Or Black Widow | A Museum Bombing & Kidnapping

Dream 1

This dream involved the character Black Widow and / or Scarlett Johansson, I possibly talked with her, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved an unsolved mystery of a bombing of a Devil / Satan / Lucifer statue that was inside a fancy museum somewhere in Europe (maybe Italy or Vatican City or somewhere else I assume).

Years later, the mystery of who did the bombing & why was still not solved, and The Pope or a high-level Catholic priest & maybe a choir boy with light-color skin & a male assistant with light-color skin (who was probably a priest as well) & maybe one or more people (maybe security) were inside the same fancy museum in Europe where the bombing of that statue had taken place years ago.

They were inside a room, when a man with light-color skin who was dressed like a Catholic priest used a detonator to trigger a bomb somewhere inside the museum, he used this to probably distract the security, and then he entered the room pretending to be there to get The Pope or high-level priest to safety.

He managed to get the other priest & choir boy to leave in a different direction, he led The Pope or high-level priest down a hallway & he tricked him into getting inside something, and then he carried whatever he had hid in.

Now that he had The Pope or high-level priest locked inside whatever it was, he revealed the truth that he was kidnapping him, that he had triggered the bomb, and that he had bombed that statue years ago.

He triggered more bombs as he escaped with The Pope or high-level priest hidden inside something, so no one else knew that someone was hidden inside it, and once outside he started to trigger the rest of the bombs to distract the security outside & to cause more damage.

But I woke up as he was escaping with The Pope or high-level priest, but I can not remember what he planned to do with him.

The end,

-John Jr

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