Record Of Ragnarok (Season 1)

What is it?

The 2021 Netflix anime TV show Record Of Ragnarok (Season 1).

Record of Ragnarok – Official Trailer | English Dub
Record of Ragnarok Netflix Anime Series Review

My Thoughts

I actually binge-watched this season in one day during the weekend holiday last week.

It was easy to watch because they kept ending each episode as a cliffhanger, and so you had to watch the next episode to see who wins a fight.

This show spent too much time on each fight, the first fight took four episodes to complete, but I like the concept even though there are obviously flaws with the plot & other flaws.

This show is a bit like professional wrestling, it does a good job of hyping up fights, and they even take time to give short backstories for the fighters during the fights.

Adam’s Reason To Fight | Record of Ragnarok | Multi-Audio Clip | Netflix Anime

I like how the fights often had surprises & even in defeat, they had respect for the fighters.

If you like things involving fighting, whether sport or entertainment or real, and the concept of deities & humans fighting each other in a tournament for the fate of humanity, then you will probably at least find this show to be watchable.

If not, then it will probably annoy you a bit & not be watchable, and I can understand some reasons why; but fortunately for me, those flaws were not enough to make me stop watching it, and I plan on watching the next season.

The end,

-John Jr

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