Paul Atreides & Split Toes & Split Feet?

The Syfy Version of Dune is Actually Pretty Good

I had a variety of dreams that I remembered but did not record, even parts of the dream that I did barely record part of got messed up somehow, and so now I barely remember part of one dream.

My messed up notes for this dream said: “Paul split foot and toes then healed.”.

I think that Paul was Paul Atreides, but I could be wrong.

If so, then Paul Atreides was in the dream, but I can not remember the details.

The split foot / feet & split toe / toes involved someone else and / or I having split toes & feet several times in the dream.

Some of their and / or my toes & feet were literally partially split down the middle, but somehow it would magically heal itself sometimes, like they and / or I had a healing factor or something.

Sometimes they would be split during the dream, and at other times they seemed to be healed.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

When I woke up, one of my feet & one or more of my toes were sore, and so that probably impacted this dream.

The end,

— John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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Hello, The Paltry Sum, I was lucky that it did not seem to hurt much or at all in the dream as far as I can remember, I probably was more confused, but that definitely would have been more scary & disturbing if I had been able to think clearly about the situation 😀 ; thank you, and thank you for commenting. 🙂

Have a good night,
— John Jr

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I hope you have a good night too! I have been having a series of ‘trapped’ dreams which have been particularly unpleasant. I am going to try and break the cycle, get a hold of it! That sense of unease is not good, is it! Hope the toes don’t hurt now. Thanks for saying hi. Always good to check in with you! TPS

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Thank you The Paltry Sum.

Thank you for sharing that, I would be interested in hearing more if you feel like sharing it, and coincidentally I just posted a dream that I had on the 20th where I was trapped in a dream cycle:

Thanks, fortunately is stopped hurting shortly after waking up, that was strange, maybe it was from jogging or something.

You are welcome, thank you for the surprise, I am not used to visits on my blog that much these days. 🙂

When it comes to dreaming, breaking through cycles of nightmares et cetera can be liberating, and we have more options than in the real world.

When I was a kid (maybe teenager), I once used lucid dreaming to break a cycle of nightmares, and it felt good & the nightmares ended.

Good luck, I might have a post and / or a comment about that somewhere of how I did it, and happy dreaming to you; and if you do have a lucid dream, remember that you have the power, you got to really believe it though, and then you can almost do anything that you want.

You can make dream characters disappear from your dream just by pointing at them, et cetera.

You can make it where all bullets miss you or not hurt you, you can fly, you can teleport, you can jump high, you can shoot fireballs, you can summon dream characters to protect you, you can use magic, et cetera.

— John Jr

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I used to be able to lucid dream, but I am so stressed out nowadays that my dreams are a mess! I also smoke weed before I go to sleep, which totally messes with my dreams I think!
Last night was not too bad, I dreamt about a lake I used to camp by, but there was still this sense of unease and something bad about to happen, like being stalked.
Glad the foot pain resolved! You take care too! TPS

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Hello, The Paltry Sum, I am glad that you are a fellow lucid dreamer, you might be surprised by how many people say that they have never had a lucid dream before.

I am sorry to hear that stress has been messing with your dreams, maybe your sleep too I assume, et cetera; I hope that you will find some things in your waking life & dream life that will help with that.

Thank you for sharing that, a lake at a camp sounds like a relaxing dream location (other than the sense of unease in this case), I imagine that you possibly felt a bit like many of us feel during sleep paralysis where you often sense danger and / or a presence et cetera.

Thank you, I wish you well, and I am curious will happen if you try to tell yourself what you want to dream about as you go to sleep each night for the next week or so; maybe we can both try this to see how long it takes to work, one time I tried this to lucid dream, and it worked in 1 – 3 days.

Have a nice evening,
— John Jr

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Im in! That sounds like a fun experiment! There is a lot of noise where I am living, and it is very tense, so that doesn’t help. I also find weed messes with my dreams hugely. I will report back. Im reading Burrough’s dream diaries and Kerouac’s. It is interesting to see what creativity they got out of their dream time. Perhaps it is time to try a book of dreams!

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That is unfortunate, some people do not remember their dreams or whether they even dream or not, most do dream without realizing it, but there are a rare few who possibly do not dream at all.

Thank you, The Paltry Sum, that was a Suzanne Vega song that I had not heard before; the very first few seconds of that song made me think of the opening theme song for the science fiction TV show Firefly:

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Hello, The Paltry Sum, cool.

Several years ago, my aunt JE recommended it, so I watched it, and I liked it as well; I wish that I would have seen it back when it used to be on TV.

I also saw the Firefly movie, Serenity (2005).

Beetles & other insects, now that is rare, I am not sure if I have ever dreamed of a beetle before, and insects are very rarely in my dreams.

Are the insects in your dreams usually hostile, or do you avoid them & they avoid you?

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Hey John…really bad day. My gosh…people! It is however nice to come back here and see nice people! The insects sting, but the venom is silver or gold and they are not hostile. A mixed kind of message. They are pretty, but metallic and cold, sometimes peacock colored. They will sit on my hands, but like I said, sometimes they sting. It is very odd.
I have been trying to dream about a blue bunny, as a kind of anchor. How about seeing if you can dream of a bright blue bunny rabbit. Might be a fun experiment!
I am a secret nerd. I love sci fi stuff. Hope you had a good day….at least better than mine!

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Thank you, The Paltry Sum, for answering that; that is interesting.

Seeing that I failed the previous experiment, I did try the previous experiment for about three days before forgetting, while I did not have a lucid dream in those three days, I did come close & it led to me flying in several non-lucid dreams several days in a row, and since then I have flown in several non-lucid & maybe semi-lucid & lucid dreams.

So, thank you, now I need to try to remember the blue bunny (rabbit) experiment, that is not something that I would have thought to try, and so that is creative. 🙂

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Hello, The Paltry Sum

Nice, now I just have to get myself to remember to do this & finally type my dreams that I have not typed the last few days, what should our goal be, to lucid dream and / or to dream about a certain thing (if so, what thing should we try to dream about?).

Noise & mind-altering substances, while those can be a problem, they can also be used to your advantage; sometimes sounds around us as we sleep can impact what we dream about, as do various substances of course, but as you know they can hurt dream recall / sleep / dreaming / et cetera as well.

I have never read an entire dream diary book before, nor have I heard of either of them, I did recently finish reading the best book on dreams / dreaming / sleep / et cetera that I have read, and I would recommend it if your local public library has a physical or e-book or audiobook copy of: When Brains Dream: Exploring The Science And Mystery Of Sleep (

I would also recommend recording your own dreams every day (even if you only remember one word, and even if you remember nothing (you can write that you do not remember, but hope to remember the next day et cetera).

I sometimes record my dreams using a free ad-free open source audio recording app on my mobile phone called Audio Recorder ( or I make quick text notes using Google Docs on my phone, and then later I use those notes when I type my dreams on my blog.

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Really, wow, cool; thanks, you too, I may have to check that book out one day.

I will try to remind myself that I want to have a lucid dream and / or to dream about a particular topic as I am going to sleep tonight, saying this in your mind & out-loud helps. 😀

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