An NFL Mansion & Flying | A Bed In Room

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day, and my former male classmate JB & several other people invited me to stay at a multi-story NFL mansion with them.

Somehow I could fly & make other objects fly (I am not sure if I used telekinesis to do this or if I could just touch an object & make it float as well) in this dream, other people seemed to know this already, so no one made a big deal about it, even though I am the only person who was able to fly in the dream.

The NFL mansion was being used by a certain NFL team that I can not remember, possibly the Minnesota Vikings, but I can not remember the exact team (I do know some football teams that were not the team).

I remember us arriving outside the mansion, some NFL football players were inside, I can not remember if I went inside the mansion briefly or not (probably), but I do know that I started flying around outside the mansion at some point while also using a drone to record video & take pictures of the outside of the mansion.

At some point, my mom wanted me to delivery some things around a fictional version of DeRidder, and so I flew around the city delivering whatever it was to various locations in the city.

Instead of holding the objects that I was delivering, I was somehow able to make them float & fly with & behind me as I flew around, using my mind (telekinesis) I assume, but I am not sure.

At some point, I flew to a fictional black owned Ms. Burger-like restaurant near the neighborhood where Sweet Home Baptist Church should be, as I was landing, I saw a male police officer who was in his police vehicle handing a man some condiments from the restaurant through the window.

I landed, I entered the restaurant, a female employee greeted me & told me that I had not been by the restaurant in a while, but I woke up as we talked.

Dream 2

This dream is super unclear now, unfortunately, I just remember being inside a windowless carpeted room inside a building.

There was a bed in this room, even though it was not a bedroom, it was possibly a lounge-like area where people relax & hangout, there were other people there, and I was in the bed with a woman probably relaxing & talking mostly.

Maybe we cuddled et cetera a bit too, I can not remember, I also can not remember any details about the woman, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

— John Jr

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