Erica Lukes | Double Toasted | Shopping

Dream 1

Dreaming about UFO documentaries and videos et cetera by the Erica Lukes and her guests.

Uploads from UFO Classified with Erica Lukes

Dream 2

I am outside during evening or night in The E House yard sweeping leaves off a table, so that I can sleep on it with a blanket like a bed.

I did this while listening to a Double Toasted video with Martin Thomas and Korey Coleman.

Uploads from Double Toasted

Later, I am in a bedroom, and my brother GC is on a computer, he mentions something about a male YouTuber being exposed as afraid of something.

Dream 3

I am inside a store during the day, a woman with light-color skin starts talking to me, then a woman with dark-color skin with children starts talking to me.

During this, I have to lift & move my shopping cart to prevent her shortest child (a girl), from bumping into it.

The end,

— John Jr

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