Knocked Out & Operated On & At The Park With My Dad

Lazy dream overview:

In this dream, which took place during the day, some people possibly got knocked unconscious from behind and got operated on the back of their neck / spine and maybe head and maybe somewhere else; maybe some kind of implant(s) (possibly some kind of advanced technology) was attached to those areas.

They do not remember and are not sure what happened, I am not sure if it happened to me too or not, I only had partial memory like my memory was mostly erased.

My dad and I went out of town or somewhere, we stop across from W Park, then we park his truck, and my dad walked into the park while I stayed inside the truck.

A young woman or female teenager and some kids who said they know my dad tried to get in the truck with me.

I stepped outside the truck and I talk at a table with the young woman mostly.

She was watching the kids because the parents were not there, and they seemed to have a rougher life with parents who were on illegal drugs and were often in and out of jail.

I briefly went to find dad, and I found him raking leaves in the park.

I did not see the young woman as I walked in a circle around half the park carrying a sign pole with an attachment of some kind and maybe something else.

The end,

— John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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