In School Again & A Police Officer Clown

Lazy dream overview:

This dream involved me being in school again (we were probably adults in this dream) with all of my former classmates, we even lived at the school which was a multi-story building, and the dorm(s) were on one or more upper floors.

I heard news that Tom Brady was possibly going to be playing a different position on his football team because of an injury of his.

We went to an assembly on the first floor which was like a store.

There was a male police officer dressed like a blue clown with equipment to inflate balloons.

The police officer clown told a bad joke about being a soldier who destroyed a kid’s village,

He then told my former male classmate AM that he (AM) was not Italian, which made no sense because his grandparents and / or great-grandparents were Italian & could speak Italian, and so we disputed this.

The end,

  • John Jr

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