Strange Things Happening In The Neighborhood

Lazy dream overview:

This dream took place during the day in a fictional neighborhood, and I was with one of my brothers and / or a fictional young male neighbor & their dog and / or our dog.

Something got lost, we found it, but we suspect that someone is stealing things and / or doing strange things in the neighborhood.

The dog was alongside the street playing with another dog.

We walked to return something to a house that we are not sure if that house belonged to the suspected robber / thief / person behind the strange happenings in the neighborhood or not.

The house was unlocked & maybe even open, no one seemed to be home, so we entered the house to return whatever it was.

As we are leaving, the owner was about to enter the house.

He was a tall, thin, older man with dark-color skin.

We greeted him, apologized, and explained the situation to him.

He was nice & he paid us money for returning what we found.

We asked him he had heard and / or witnessed any unusual activity in the neighborhood.

He mentioned a variety of strange things that he had heard about recently in the neighborhood.

I thought about installing a camera for him outside his house, like a Wyze Cam, to help us figured out who was responsible for the strange things going on in the neighborhood.

The end,

  • John Jr

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