The DMV | The BP Library Gets A New Building

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day, and I was waiting in line with some of my former classmates & schoolmates outside the DMV (Department Of Motor Vehicles).

Later in the dream I return to the DMV forgetting that I had already gotten my new driver’s license or whatever earlier in the dream, and the police were talking to some of my former classmates & schoolmates.

I quickly remembered that I had already gotten my new driver’s license or whatever, and so I returned to my parent’s house; but then the police showed up in my parent’s yard.

Dream 2

This dream involved The BP Library getting a new building for our D library branch that had a nice ballroom.

The building was not new, but it was going to replace our old building, I assume, and it seemed that it possibly used to be a theater and / or museum and / or office and / or attraction of some kind.

We did not have everyone or everything moved in & ready yet, but we were open to the public, surprisingly; and so there were patrons there as I worked.

It was dimly lit in the mostly unused areas, there did not seem to be any windows that I remember seeing, and the front was mostly unused offices where only maybe our director Ms. EC & maybe one other coworker had moved their stuff into already; and so there was going to be enough room for all of us to have our own office and / or cubicle.

The ballroom was the centerpiece of the building, it was literally in the center, it was the biggest room, and it was the nicest looking & fanciest looking room; and it was going to be a great place for events et cetera.

I remember various patrons touring the building, some were family members & friends of some of my coworkers & the others were various patrons from our community, and there was no one to keep an eye on the mostly unused areas as they explored the building.

I do not remember most of my coworkers being there, only a few of us seemed to be there, and even we had not really toured the entire building yet.

I think that the building was possibly underground, I think that you had to walk down to reach it, though it was possibly only one-story, at least the library areas, but I could be wrong.

At some point, my female coworker DT approached me, she wanted me to follow her, so I did, and she walked me to an area to show me something that a male patron with dark-color skin had left on a male after asking one of our coworkers for permission to do so first.

I can not remember what it was, though.

I remember thinking that our patrons, my coworkers, and I were going to like this new location better than our old building.

The end,

  • John Jr

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