Flying On An Island | COVID-19 Vaccination Card | Unconscious Ellen Page | A UFC Locker Room | Ms. MW Is My Dentist

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day, I was on a sea or ocean with some other people exploring, I am not sure if I was myself at this point in the dream or not, but I do know that I was briefly not myself shortly after this.

We passed by an area where the military was doing experiments with some old aircraft & ships & maybe some jet ski-like things that were possibly being driven by stunt drivers wearing tactical wetsuits, and they drove & flew past us.

For reasons unknown, the jet ski riders followed us to an island, on the beach there was a mostly dark area below dirt with a tall area above it, we sat around resting outside the open mostly dark area below.

We heard a loud dinosaur sounding creature with heavy footsteps coming from the high area above, the area up there was too high for us to see what it was, and we ran into the dark area below to avoid whatever it was.

Oddly, the large dark dirt cave area below led to a gym-like area, I seemed to temporarily be a man with light-color skin at this point, and a strange thin long bodied creature attacked us.

It killed one or two people before turning its attention to me / whoever the man I was now, and so I / the man started to try to fly to avoid it.

I / the man was able to fly, I / man could not fly that high though, especially with the top of the cave in my way (fortunately it was tall), and the creature was able to jump very high at me.

I / the man was able to distract the creature while the others escaped, I / the man had to dodge the creature as it jumped at me in the air as I / the man flew, and somehow it changed into a smaller insect-like creature that could possibly fly & sting.

It ended up stinging me / the man, somehow I became myself again as the man I temporarily was, was dying, while the creature was distracted by the dying man, I killed the creature by probably stomping it to death.

The man probably died, we decided to keep the creature’s body so that we could give it to scientists for them to study, so we put its body in something to help preserve it until then, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

In this dream, I was at a doctor’s appointment inside a room with a male doctor with light-color skin with maybe gray hair & eyeglasses who was about to examine me, but then I realized that my cloth face mask that I was wearing earlier was somehow in my pocket now; and so I put my mask back on.

I wondered how did my mask get off my face, the doctor asked me if I had been vaccinated yet for COVID-19, I told him yes, that I was fully vaccinated with the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, and I gave him my COVID-19 vaccination card; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the day, I was walking outside along concrete sidewalks & parking lot-like areas in a quiet shopping-like area of a fictional city near one or more roads, and I was approached by a naked Ellen Page (in this dream she was still Ellen & was not Elliot Page yet, and that is why I am using her & Ellen instead of he & Elliot).

She approached me completely naked, but before she could really say anything, she immediately collapsed to the ground & she started convulsing more like she was transforming and / or being possessed instead of having a seizure.

Her naked body was tensing & partly twisting, you could see & hear the muscles tensing & the joints & bones cracking somewhat, it seemed painful, and she made some sounds like she was in pain.

No one else was around to help, she could not respond to me, I was not sure what to do as this was happening, and then it stopped.

She was unconscious on the ground, before I could do anything, I saw a white piece of paper on a post behind her, and words started to appear in black text on it.

Somehow Ellen was communicating with me using the paper, she was unconscious on the ground, but somehow she was able to make words appear on the paper.

The words were real English words & sentences that made sense at first, it started by mentioning me by name, which shocked me even more, all of this was confusing & sudden & surprising, but I wondered how did she know my name.

Her text mentioned me directly, it mentioned something about protect, I assumed that she wanted me to protect her, unfortunately I did not get to read all the text because I kept looking away & back to see if the text would change or stay the same.

When I would look away & back, the text would sometimes change, sometimes it stayed the same, new text would appear as she continued communicating with me, but me looking away & back at it caused the text to become increasingly gibberish that meant nothing.

This is unfortunate because it ruined most of what she was trying to communicate with me, I assumed that she was in some kind of danger & that she wanted me to protect her, she was still unconscious & naked on the ground, and either she mentioned this or I assumed that she wanted me to carry her body away & protect it from whoever or whatever was possibly after her.

This was all so sudden & weird & shocking that I either did not think to cover her with my shirt or I felt that this was not a good idea for some reason, either way, I carried her around while she was still naked & unconscious.

Maybe my goal was to get her to a secure location without being seen, surprisingly no one saw me at first as I was walking & carrying her, I found a partly open abandoned vehicle (maybe a van) in an empty parking lot-like area near a wall of a building, and so I hid in there with her.

I probably did not think that I could walk any further without us being seen, and I probably hoped that she would wake up at some point.

Unfortunately, a somewhat older married couple (husband & wife) with light-color skin, somehow saw me sitting on the floor of the vehicle, oddly they did not see Ellen, and so I walked out to talk to them hoping that they would not notice her.

They asked me if I stole or messed with their stuff, I told them no, someone had messed with or stole some of their stuff, I guess they lived somewhere nearby, and they were blaming me.

They told me that the vehicle has been abandoned here for months, they possibly knew the owner or previous owner before it was abandoned, I apologized & I let them know that I did not know, and that I was just sitting inside it temporarily.

They were still bothering me, so I told them that I would leave now, they still did not see Ellen, and so I hoped that they would leave as I walk away so that I could turn around & get Ellen to move her to a new location.

I think that my plan worked, I probably returned to Ellen, but I can not remember if she was conscious yet or not or if I started to carry her away or if I finally took off my shirt or something to cover her with it or not so that she would not be naked.

Dream 4

In this dream, I was in a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) locker room with a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter & their team, I am not sure if I was a fighter too or if I was part of the team or why I was there, and this took place at a crowded UFC event.

Some UFC security guards opened the door to the locker room, I could see & hear the crowd inside the arena, and they offered to quietly walk us through the crowd to a back exit.

Before we could do anything, we heard a noise in the arena, from the open door it seemed that part of the arena had collapsed and / or had blown up from a small bomb causing some people to fly in the air & fall.

Maybe some seating collapsed or got blown up, security closed the door, we heard more sounds like more damage and / or small explosions going off, and we were not sure what was going on.

We felt that it was too risky to run because we could end up running into a collapse and / or bomb et cetera, so we waited as we listened to the chaos, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 5

In this dream, I was at a dentist’s appointment with an old man & another man who both had light-color skin, and my coworker Ms. MW was our dentist.

We were in a room as Ms. MW asked us questions before starting our dental exams, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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