Mr. JM’s Opinion & A Brothel | Paranormal Activity

Dream 1

In part of this dream, I was talking with my female coworker KE, my coworker Mr. JM, and several others.

Mr. JM was being very dismissive & mean about his opinions, especially toward the women, like our coworker KE.

One topic that they talked / argued about was something involving a large balloon and / or hot air balloon & whether it would hurt or kill someone if it popped while they were very close to it; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

I did not seem to be in the last part of the dream, which took place in the state of Nevada in The United States, and it involved some men with a gang / mafia / business organization who were pressuring / threatening a woman who ran a brothel.

Their gang / mafia / business organization owned the brothel & many other businesses, this brothel was their most successful brothel in the state of Nevada, but they wanted it to make even more money.

They wanted the woman who ran it to hire one or several better prostitutes and / or do whatever it takes to make even more money, they threatened to make her serve the clients as a prostitute if she refused and / or failed to make even more money.

I think that the woman used to be a prostitute before she started running the brothel, she did not want to go back to doing that job, so she took this threat seriously.

She reminded them that this brothel was their most successful & highest earning brothel in the state, and that she was not sure if she could meet their new goals and / or was not sure why they were hassling / threatening her because she was already doing a great job.

Dream 2

This was a unique weird dream that was almost semi-lucid-like, unfortunately, I can not remember most of it.

At the end of the dream, I was inside a windowless part of a building that was very nice looking with a somewhat tall ceiling, it had two wide hallways that were separated evenly down the middle by a wall that had openings at certain sections that allowed you to go left or right, and there were doors to many rooms on both sides & at the very end of the halls.

This part of the building was very strange with paranormal & natural & maybe supernatural things going on as I explored it alone, it was slightly dimly lit, and it had a unique feeling to it & maybe it impacted me in various ways as well.

I can not remember most of the strange things that I saw, heard, and experienced, unfortunately.

I just remember reaching the end of the hallway on the left side, there was a door to a room, I walked inside to a very large nice room that looked like a large mansion & building combined with an even taller ceiling than the hallways.

I encountered a small magical floating / flying female entity, she probably looked & dressed a bit like the character Razzly from the video game Chrono Cross, so she was like a witch-like (maybe she was wearing a pointy witch hat & small cape & dress / robe-like outfit) fairy-looking entity that was larger than a fairy but smaller than a human; I can not remember if she had wings or not.

This female entity was villainous at first, I heard her voice trying to lead me into a trap & scare me at first, I could not see her at first, and then she attacked me.

I easily dodged and / or stopped her attack, found her, and I grabbed her so that she could not fly away or hide again.

Once she realized that she could not escape from my grasp, she stopped being villainous, she warned me to escape the room before it was too late, that this was all a trap to trap me inside this room, I think that she was forced to trick & help trap people here, I believed her, and I thanked her & I let her go.

I possibly invited her to escape with me, but she refused for some reason; maybe there was some kind of magic or something trapping her here or something, but I can not remember.

I ran toward the exit back to the hallway, but the door closed & was locked & sealed by magic I assume before I could escape.

Two anime-looking female entities appeared (one of them looked somewhat like a female Inuyasha-like character with black hair), they laughed & smiled about trapping me, and they told me that I had to fight them.

This part of the dream became like a video game, where I possibly controlled a video game character, they told me that if I lost that I would maybe be trapped here forever or something like that, but if I won that I would get a prize & be allowed to leave.

It became a fighting game where I had to fight them one-at-a-time with my video game character.

I won the first fight against the first female entity, I barely lost the second fight against the female Inuyasha-like character, so the score was a tie of 1 – 1, and so I had to fight the female Inuyasha-like character for the tiebreaker.

Fortunately, for me, I won the third fight, I was given a stuffed animal toy as a prize, the magical barrier whatever was lifted & the door was unlocked & open, and I was allowed to leave.

I can not remember if the Razzly-like entity was allowed to leave now or not, I possibly broke the cycle by defeating the two anime-like female entities, but I am not sure.

I walked back into the hallway, I was at the end of the hallway on the left side, and so I walked to the hallway on the right side to see the end of the hallway on that side.

Like the left side, there was a door to a room at the end of the hallway, I walked inside it, and a younger Ric Flair-looking man wearing a rich person bathrobe was walking toward me like this was his house.

He had no wrinkles or anything, everything was too perfect & youthful almost glowing (maybe he was glowing, or it was just the lighting from his house) like he was not even human, like an alleged Nordic-type alien or an android or someone in an enhanced movie scene or magazine cover.

I quickly hid the stuffed animal under a chair along the wall of the hallway, because I was embarrassed to be seen holding a stuffed animal toy, and he did not seem to notice this.

I apologized as I walked back into the hallway as he continued to approach me as he greeted me in a friendly, too friendly way, he said that it was no problem, et cetera.

Two young men, who seemed to be his sons, one of them looked a bit like my brother TDC & the other had light-color skin, started walking to follow us out to the hallway, and he told them to bring me some clothes that were folded & sealed in some plastic on a bench near the entrance.

One or both of them did not agree with his order to give me some new clothes & they said so, he repeated his command to them more forcefully, and then they complied while still looking like they did not agree.

They approached me in the hallway near some chairs that were against the wall on the left side of the hallway on the right side, we stood there as the Ric Flair-like man continued his too friendly greeted to me, and he asked me to put on the clothes.

I thanked him & I let him know that I already had clothes, so that was not necessary, he insisted, so maybe I offered to accept the clothing, but I politely declined putting on the clothing because I was already dressed in my own clothes.

The three of them had me surrounded, they were all taller & stronger-looking than me, the two assumed sons were behind me on my left & right, and they were moving in closer & closer like they were going to grab me & force me to put on the clothes.

I had almost immediately sensed that something was off from the very beginning, I was just trying to talk my way out of the situation first, then politely escape if possible, or fight if escape is not an option.

I was not sure what their intentions were, I was not sure why the Ric Flair-like man wanted me to put on those clothes so badly, but I sensed that their intentions were not good & that this was another trap like in the previous room.

The nice guy act was starting to fade at this point as they moved closer, I tried to pretend to not sense the danger as I tried to talk my way to a peaceful escape, but that was failing.

For some reason, my shoes were off & were near a chair further down to my left near where the stuffed animal toy was, I wanted to run now, but I wanted my shoes on to avoid the risk of slipping; and so I tried to figure out how to reach my shoes & put them back on without them trying to grab me first.

Unfortunately, I did not have enough time or space to pull this off, and so I had to run without my socks after maybe pushing them & throwing the pack of clothing at them.

I ran to the hallway on the left side, as I ran people started to show up out of nowhere, and more people were arriving from the entrance / exit at the other end that led to the rest of this building.

I heard the Ric Flair-like man calling some people to help them catch me, the sons possibly started shooting at me, but I was zigzagging between the hallways & people with too much of a head start for them to see me most of the time.

I then saw SWAT-like / mercenary-like / paramilitary-like men wearing black full tactical gear with special forces style helmets with assault rifles entering from the other end of the hallway, which was the direction I was headed, and they were led by the character Floki (played by Gustaf Skarsgård) from the TV show Vikings.

I, either ran / crawled up the right side of the wall, or I flew up the wall & hid against the corner of it, like Spiderman or something, I am not sure how I was able to do this, I guess this is a new dream power or something.

Unfortunately, Floki saw me somehow, I then pretended to be a circus performer who was just trying to leave this area while practicing, he seemed suspicious, and so I told him to stop wasting his time & go after the shooting down the hallway because that his probably where the person is that they are after.

This worked, I am not sure who was shooting over there, but this saved me.

Him & his men ran toward the shooting sounds down the hallway, and I continued my escape running / crawling / flying along the side of the wall until I reached the other part of the building; but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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