Wyze Watch 47mm

What Is It?

The Wyze Watch 47mm smartwatch:

Meet Wyze Watch – An Aluminum Smart Watch that Tracks Your Health and Controls Your Wyze Ecosystem
WYZE Watch 47mm

Here is how Wyze describes this watch:

The do-anything aluminum smartwatch.

1.75-Inch Touch Screen
Size matters when it comes to a smartwatch screen.

Read email previews, texts, and other notifications with plenty of space.

Blood Oxygen
A drop in blood oxygen saturation can be a sign of serious health risks.

A crystal glass casing and a pair of infrared LED clusters can measure it whenever you’d like, right on your wrist.

6061 aluminum alloy frame
All metal from bezel to band.

The perfect blend of high durability and lightweight comfort.

A Shortcut to Wyze Shortcuts
Raise your wrist and tap to control your Wyze ecosystem.

Mix and Match Designs
Personalize your pixels.

Match your watch face to your style using unique combinations of background images, clock styles, and colors.

Water-Resistant up to 2 Meters
IP68 Weatherproof rating.

Fit to withstand dust, dirt, and sand and resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 2 meters underwater for up to 30 minutes.

Heart Rate
Keep an eye on your heart rate from the comfort of your wrist while browsing your trends in the app.

Sleep Monitoring
Rest easy and check your sleep duration, depth, and position once you wake up.

Keep up the pace and check out your progress using your watch and the in-app tracker.

Menstrual Health Tracking
Check the stage of your cycle, note upcoming dates, and keep track of your menstrual health with Wyze Watch.

9 days of Battery Life
With battery capacity up to 300mAh, you’ll get through your week with plenty of charge to spare.

Need more juice?

Recharge fully from 0% in about 2.5 hours.

Make It Your Own With 22 mm Quick-Release Straps
Wyze Watch comes with a comfortable silicone strap, but you can switch to a leather strap or silicone band to better match your personal style.

WYZE WATCH Review | $20 for this?
$20 smart watch: Is the Wyze Watch a serious value, or just seriously bad?

My Thoughts

I previously had the Wyze Band, the area where the band connects broke in less than two months, so they sent me another one for free, but the replacement broke in the same spot in little over two months.

So the Wyze Band clearly has a design flaw with its band, and so I am glad that the Wyze Watch came out just in time for me to replace the Wyze Band.

The Wyze Watch has a better normal watch design & it has a bigger & better screen than the Wyze Band, unfortunately it does not have a microphone, and so there is no virtual assistant support & there are no speakers.

Though it is missing a feature or two compared to the Wyze Band, the Wyze Watch is better overall & more reliable & durable in my opinion, but sometimes the updates cause problems.

So Wyze needs to continue to improve things on the update & software side of things, and I hope that they will add new features.

Wyze needs to take more time to test & prepare their hardware & software in my opinion, they are rushing things out too fast, and they need to better listen to the feedback of the beta testers.

Do not get the 44mm version of the Wyze Watch, known as Wyze Watch 44mm, it is worse in almost every way compared to the Wyze Watch 47mm, and so the Wyze Watch 47mm is the superior version.

The Wyze Watch 44mm has a different interface than the Wyze Watch 47mm, the advertising did not mention this, which I think counts as false advertising in a way, so shame on Wyze.

Fortunately, they took down the Wyze Watch 44mm from their website, but they should have offered to send a Wyze Watch 47mm for free to those who wanted one after learning the truth.

If you want a cheap starter semi-smart watch from an American (United States) company, I would recommend giving the Wyze Watch 47mm a try, and I hope that the next version will be even better.

The end,

  • John Jr

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