Winning A Gold Medal In The Olympics & Flying & A 50 Cent Movie

Lazy notes of my dreams:

My former male classmate SS and I are in the Olympics, I competed in a long distance race on a track near as small shopping center, and some of my coworkers from The BP Library were in the crowd (I am not sure if some of them competed too or not).

My team & I won a gold medal without me realizing this until SS told me as we were walking away from the event.

We were not sure when or how we would get our gold medals, or when or if there would be a ceremony.

As I was walking away, I thought that I saw my female coworker JB walking among the crowd in front of me, I walked ahead to see if it was her, but it was someone else who looked similar to her.

For reasons that I can not remember, I started trying to fly, and I was able to fly a little.

I asked the JB-like woman & her female friend if they wanted to fly too, I asked them if they would let me see if I could make them fly, they agreed, and I was able to somehow make them fly just by touching them & maybe holding their hands as we flew through the air.

At some point, we landed & went our separate ways, and I ended up in what looked like a movie-like part of the dream where 50 Cent was playing a tough & somewhat flamboyant character who was possibly homosexual.

50 Cent was in a parking lot area near a field arguing with one of his family members as I walked to this area.

Some gang members showed up nearby, they were led by a man, as they were hanging out in the parking lot closer to the field, 50 Cent sneaked up & killed one of them when the others were not looking, and he started to walk across the field past some structures & one or more signs to escape.

I started walking in that direction too because I did not want to get caught up in this, unfortunately the gang members noticed the dead body of their fellow gang member, they saw me walking toward the field, and they assumed that I was guilty.

The gang leader pulled out a pistol & pointed at me, I stopped & turned around to explain the misunderstanding & what really happened, the gang leader did not believe me at first, but fortunately some nearby witnesses told him that I was telling the truth.

Eventually he believed me & said that I could go, I did not trust him though, so I backed away slowly keeping an eye on him.

I pretended to turn around, in the corner of my eye I saw that he was lifting his gun to shoot me in the back, and so I ran in a zigzag formation & behind cover as he shot at me.

The other gang members possibly joined in, and I continued to run in a zigzag pattern from cover to cover across the field; but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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