JB Shares A Government Spying Technique

Lazy notes of my dreams:

In this dream, I drove to pick up a young woman who had a disability (handicap) of some kind, and to get some food delivery for me and / or someone.

At some point, my female coworker JB & another woman talked with us, JB did most of the talking, and JB was telling us about a certain technique that the government used to use to spy on certain people.

JB possibly learned of this in this past through either her dad, who had possibly learned of it from back in his military days & from some fellow soldiers & maybe intelligence agents, and / some people her dad knew who were in the military and / or in one or more intelligence agencies.

Unfortunately, I can not remember the technique & equipment that was used, but I know that they used a common object (material) (maybe a certain type of mobile phone case or something) that they could use to spy on people in some way (maybe by listening to the vibrations and / or something like that).

I was surprised that JB knew about this & that she seemed to passionate about it, it was cool to learn about this & to see that she was interested in things like this, and I shared some things that I knew.

I remember thinking that the government was probably still using this technique, and that they probably were using it to spy on an even larger amount of people than they were back when they first developed that spying technique.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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