Disagreeing With & Predicting General Sarah Alder’s Bad Decisions | Making Military Plans

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by me watching episode 9 (Mother Of All, Mother Of None) of the TV show Motherland: Fort Salem (Season 2) before I went to sleep.

Motherland: Fort Salem | Season 2, Episode 9 Trailer | Who Can You Trust?

In this dream, I guess I was a witch soldier in The United States Witch Army (military) at Fort Salem, I assume that I was still in basic training or in the War College, but I am not sure.

I disagreed with some of the decisions that the military leadership, General Sarah Alder, was making, and I predicted some of the bad things that would happen as a result of those bad decisions.

I told this to the leadership / General Alder, but they / she did not listen to me.

My predictions turned out to be accurate, so accurate that I was brought before General Alder & the rest of the military leadership (like General Petra Bellweather) to explain how I so accurately predicted every thing, and what should they do to recover from those bad decisions.

General Alder did not agree, she did not think that she had made bad decisions, there was a debate, and I explained things in detail.

General Alder was not happy, the others started to agree with me though, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was basically a continuation of the previous dream, I successfully convinced most of the leadership that I was correct, and that I had already taken some steps to reduce the damage done by General Alder’s bad decisions.

I had taken these steps without permission, which General Alder was not happy about, but I had wisely only done what I could get away with without getting in trouble; and so General Alder & the others could not really do anything, but warn me to ask them first next time.

I told them that I already had other plans to recover from the damage done by General Alder’s bad decisions, I did not start these plans because I knew that I would need permission, and that I would have gotten in trouble if I had started them on my own.

I asked their permission to start my plans, General Alder probably argued against this, I reminded them that all my predictions had been correct, and that the actions that I had already taken had reduced some damage done already.

They not only gave me permission, they put me in charge of the mission, and I was given a team which included several fellow witch soldiers like: Abigail Bellweather, Tally Craven, Raelle Collar, maybe M, maybe General Petra Bellweather, and maybe several others.

We got together, I explained my plans, and I got their opinions to see if they had any better plans or things that could improve my plans.

I woke up as we were still strategizing.

The end,

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